Rosette Reel Squad Spotlight: Raven

Rosette Reel Squad Spotlight: Raven

Professional makeup artist, influencer, and all-around glam extraordinaire, Raven is one of our most inspirational Rosettes. Whether she’s dishing on her favorite brands on social media or testing fresh new products, this “fiery, friendly, creative Leo” stays shining! This week, we get personal with Raven about her natural hair care journey and get a few tips and tricks in between.

The Natural Way
Bowie, Maryland native Raven, went natural about six years ago, inspired by her mother and godmother, who were “Naturalistas for life,” in Raven’s words. It’s no surprise then that she found Camille Rose Naturals through these curly queens!

When Raven was first starting on the au naturel path, her mom discovered Camille Rose, and the rest was history.

“I started sneaking in her stuff and got hooked from that moment. The cherry on top was Essence Fest 2019, where I went to the pop-up shop and learned more about the brand and products.”

Having seen firsthand the effects of chemical damage, Raven now fully embraces her natural hair and sees it as a core part of who she is.

“I used to hate it because it wasn’t loose enough for me, but now I love my tight coils. I embrace my hair by taking care of it and rocking it often. Less Is More."

So what’s Raven’s routine for rocking her coils? It’s simpler than you may think but oh-so-effective.

First off, Raven swears by our Sweet Ginger Cleanse Rinse. This cleansing and softening rinse blends the antiseptic properties of sweet ginger root, lemon extracts, and droplets of aniseed, cassia, and castor oils to relieve dry scalp, infuse moisture and promote hair growth.

When it comes to conditioning?

“I am LOYAL to the Algae Renew,” Raven tells us.

This rich gourmet treatment is a blend of pure blue-green algae, packed with 65 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and infused with unrefined cocoa and mango butter.

Designed to be a one-of-a-kind softening cocktail for all hair types, Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner strengthens hair. It intensely moisturizes, preventing thinning and breakage while sealing in moisture.

Finally, she wraps up her bi-weekly routine with an oil and product combo for a sleek finish.

For this step, we love our Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil and Lavender Whipped Cream Leave-in together.

After washing, conditioning, and gently drying, pour a small amount of Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil onto fingertips and massage into scalp and throughout hair. This intense moisture cocktail infuses rare Middle Eastern Oud oil rich in olive and jojoba, crafted to nourish the scalp, penetrate cuticles, and promote all-over shine.

Follow up by giving your tresses a treat with Camille Rose Whipped Cream Leave-In! Our best-selling leave-in cream is brewed with droplets of olive fruit, aromatic rosemary extract, natural lavender oil and crafted to soften, detangle and moisturize strands. Antioxidant and vitamin-rich, and packed with essential nutrients, this leave-in moisturizes while protecting hair from damage.

Real World Style
Raven’s influence goes far beyond hair. This independent woman believes in living life according to her own rules.

“If you don’t have your path, you can get lost and lose yourself following someone else’s. I have tried to focus on myself and the path that I want for me. I have learned to do what I want, for me. I have learned to post what I want for me.”

It’s no different when it comes to Raven’s style - she makes the rules, she sets the trends. We asked this showstopper for her beauty hacks, and here’s what she had to share!

“I swear by using my bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow - I like quick makeup looks, so using my bronzer to add a little dimension to my eye is my favorite hack. Another hack is using a black tank top as a headwrap while keeping my bonnet on underneath.”

What’s next for Raven?

“One of my dreams is to be a reality star/personality on a big show like Housewives or something similar.”

We’ll keep an eye out for you, sis! In the meantime, check Raven out on social media for more curly girl inspiration!

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