Rosette Reel Squad: Rosie Brit

Rosette Reel Squad: Rosie Brit

Originally hailing from the Dominican Republic and brought up in ever-inspiring New York City, Rosie Brito (aka @rosie_curlycrown) is in the spotlight this week on the Rosette Reel Squad! Join us as this curly queen sheds light on her hair care journey and routine while giving us some valuable tips and tricks in between!

A rose by any other name
We’ve got a lot more in common than just our namesake, the rose - a symbol of eternal beauty and love. Rosie also shares our passion for educating and inspiring women to love and cherish their natural hair.

In 2017, Rosie felt compelled to embrace herself and her hair, in its natural state. She transitioned from being a relaxer regular to a naturalist over the period of a year, before going through with the big chop a year later.

“My natural hair is a part of me, I embrace it with so much confidence because this is my hair, it's my uniqueness and I love seeing others finding themselves and embracing their own journey.”

Not one to be selfish with knowledge, Rosie launched Rosie Curly Crown with the mission of ‘helping Queens in their natural hair care journey.’

“I love connecting with others who are new on their journey and need guidance when navigating in their early days of going natural. It’s so important to have that kind of support system, and that is what I hope I contribute to the natural hair community.”

So how did Rosie find Camille Rose? You might say the attraction was natural.

“I love the ingredients that you use and the care that goes into making these products,” she divulged.

“My hair has blossomed so much using Camille Rose and my hair truly enjoys it.”

Rosie’s routine
Rosie keeps her curls popping with back-to-basics routines that withstand the test of time.

First things first, weekly washing and deep-conditioning are a must.

Start with a mild and moisturizing cleanser like Camille Rose Rose Cleansing Milk blended with pure rose extract, cupuaçu butter, and flaxseed milk to replenish lost moisture to tresses while gently removing impurities.

Next, deep condition with any of our Camille Rose cocktails crafted to lavish locks with a high dose of much-needed moisture.

One of Rosie’s go-to’s is our Buritti Nectar Repair Treatment - an exotic update to that old-school staple, the cholesterol treatment, with Amazonian Buritti fruit oil in an Omega 3, 6, and 9 blends crafted to repair textured hair.

We also love Rosie’s trick of the trade - adding a few drops of our Cocoa Nibs and Honey Ultimate Growth Serum to her deep conditioning cream, to ramp the moisture and definition up even higher!

This oil elixir of sesame seed, coconut, golden jojoba, amla oil, Brahmi herbs, and olive fruit extracts opens hair follicles for improved circulation which in turn helps encourage future hair growth.

Keeping her hair in protective styles - twists, braids, and her personal favorite, high buns - throughout the week is also key. But most importantly for Rosie, it’s all about moisture.

“During the week, I check in with my hair before bed and do scalp massages and moisturize my hair as needed. I am very big on being consistent when it comes to moisturizing my hair. This approach has helped me out so much when it comes to retaining length.”

When she’s not waxing poetic on the natural life on her blog or learning to speak French, Rosie loves connecting and networking on social media. Check out Rosie Curly Crown and share your favorite Camille Rose hair hacks in the comments!

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