Rosette Reel Squad: Danielle

Rosette Reel Squad: Danielle

All across the world, Rosettes are known as icons of inspiration for hair and self-care. We caught up with Jamaican trendsetter, influencer, and down-to-earth diva Danielle McDonald to take notes on a few of her natural hair tips and tricks!

'A leap of faith'
Before she was an emerging face of natural hair care, Danielle remembers being inspired by her peers who dared to wear their curls with pride.

"When I started high school, I saw so many other naturals with different textures embracing their kinks, curls, and coils, so I then turned to Youtube to find out how to care for my hair."

But embracing her hair was just the beginning of the journey for Danielle. After diving deep into her natural hair journey, she began to get recognition from other naturalistas who took notice of her top-notch looks. When Danielle found herself with an abundance of time on her hands during the lockdown, she made a move to launch ARayofCurls - her natural hair blog on Insta.

ARayofCurls addresses the asks and gives followers inside insight into her hair journey. But for Danielle, it was more than a matter of becoming a big-time blogger; it was about following a dream - a must in Danielle's manifesto.

"We owe it to ourselves to go after what we want and do what we want because, at the end of the day, when we look back at all we've accomplished, we want to know that we lived for ourselves and not for others."

Low-Key and Luscious
The wash-n-go might be one of the natural haircare's most-rocked styles, and for a good reason. Sometimes referred to as a "wash-n-wear," this quick washday routine leaves hair hydrated and protected without much fuss.

Listen up; we love Danielle's Camille Rose wash-n-go routine so much, we just had to share it with our Rosettes!

First, separate your hair into 5-8 sections depending on length and thickness. Moving throughout hair section by section, spray hair with warm water.

For a popping wash-n-go, she swears by the ever-popular Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk and Curl Maker combo.

"Both products give my hair the perfect balance of definition and volume. Not to mention the moisture I get from these products."

She starts the process with Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk. This rice milk-based, softening leave-in conditioning cream is a blend of organic avocado, castor and macadamia oils, juice droplets of rose hips, and aloe and green tea extract that detangles and seals strands, aiding in breakage prevention.

Squeeze a generous amount of Curl Love into palms and distribute evenly throughout damp hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

Next step: grab your Curl Maker. This enriching jelly is a carefully curated cocktail of marshmallow and agave extracts melted into a gourmet oil. It is based with coconut and pomegranate, layered with seaweed and aloe's botanical juices, and infused with vitamins E and B-12 to penetrate the hair shaft for intense moisture while promoting healthy hair growth.

Distribute Curl Maker throughout hair sections from root to tip, creating coils with your fingers.

Parting Tips
Always have a hair pick on hand for touch-ups, carry a shoelace with you if you need to put your hair up (a la the ever-popular TikTok trend), and don't sleep on bobby pins taming flyaways and keeping every hair in place.

Follow Danielle's hair care journey and check out more of her Camille Rose tutorials on ARayofCurls!

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