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Rosette Jamei Lauren Shares Her Beauty Story With Us

Jamei Lauren is the creator and owner of ‘By Jamei Lauren’, a business dedicated to helping women rediscover the beauty within. Jamei wants ladies of all ages to be able to express their creativity through their hair. As a naturalista herself, Jamei enjoys providing the best products and tips as a natural hair and product consultant. She works with various health & beauty companies promoting brand awareness while using her platform to communicate product benefits. We finally got to sit down with this phenomenal woman and pick her brain on all things' success! 

CC: How did you start your beauty journey?

JL: My beauty journey started long before building a platform. I have always had an interest in the beauty industry. People began to take interest in what I maintain healthy skin and hair. I began to dive deeper into how I would be able to help women of all ages embrace their natural state and love who they are. 

CC: Your talents are apparent…your hair and skin are flawless! What tips can you offer readers?

JL: I would have to say my tip for the readers would be a simple phrase, patience is KEY! I cannot stress this enough. Patience will get you a long way with both hair and skincare. I haven't been the best over the years with understanding this concept. I will also say that a healthy diet and LOTS of water helps with maintaining healthy, glowing skin. For hair...become a product junkie until you find a few products that work for your hair. Trust me, I am speaking from experience!

CC: What are your favorite Camille Rose products?

JL: My favorite products are the Around the World Collection and the Face skincare collection. I love the Around the World Collection because it gives my hair the moisture I need. I have struggled over the last few years with finding skincare products that work well on my sensitive skin without breaking me out and FACE has done the job! I love how refreshed and clean my skin feels. On top of how great the products smell, the packaging is top tier! It's a skincare lover's dream!

CC: What inspires you to stay creative?

JL: I have found my passion! Every day I wake up with the opportunity to do the things I love to do. Being able to have a new day to crush my goals and be the best version of myself is what inspires me to keep going. It's also very inspiring to know that my drive and ambition are helping to inspire the next person to achieve their goals. 

CC: What are your favorite aspects of being an influencer? 

JL: I would have to say my favorite aspect of being an influencer would be being able to inspire women to be the best version of themselves. I appreciate that my audience values my opinion and respects what I have to say about items of interest. It has definitely been a great experience that I am happy to be a part of!

Thank you for sharing your craft with us, Jamei! For more Rosette features, stay tuned to next month’s blog posts!