Rocking A Wig? These 5 CR Blends Are a Must For Hydrated, Healthy Strands

Rocking A Wig? These 5 CR Blends Are a Must For Hydrated, Healthy Strands

Hey, Rosettes! With summer quickly approaching, we know you’re thinking about protective and easy styling. One thing’s for sure, we love our wigs, honey! From inches to asymmetric, golden blonde to blue black, we love switching up our looks with our favorite wigs. We spoke with our Master Stylist, EveShudawn, and she gave us the rundown on showing your hair some TLC while protective wig styling. Let’s get into these looks:

Cleanse and clarify with the Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse: The first step to wig styling is starting with fresh, clean hair. Our Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse is full of refreshing properties, like ginger root and lemon extracts that remove build up and leave your hair feeling fresh. Eve recommends this cleansing rinse because of its deep cleaning abilities, getting right to the root of things!

Penetrate your locks with the Coconut Water Leave In: Take a trip to paradise during your wig prep with our tropical infused Coconut Water Leave In. The coconut water and flax-seed oil provide vitamin K and iron to deeply moisturize and strengthen your curls. You’ll notice your hair feeling super soft, supple, moisturized, and strengthened minutes after applying this leave in. You might even confuse your styling room with a tropical island!

Pro Tip - EveShuDawn suggests allowing your hair to partially air dry after cleansing and conditioning. Give it a few minutes before moving onto the next steps.

Moisturize with Curlaide Moisture Butter: Want to keep your hair intensely moisturized while protective styling and wigging? The Curlaide Moisture Butter is a must! It’s filled with tons of nutrients, like jojoba and macadamia oils, aloe, and vitamin C that hydrate your hair day and night. Our stylist, Eve, says to properly prep for your wig styling, use the Curlaide Moisture Butter right before braiding your hair, and rub a little on your roots before the next step, oil application.

Lock in moisture with Rejuva Drops and Cocoa Nibs & Honey Oil: The best part about protective styling and wigs is giving your curls a chance to relax and grow, and the Rejuva Drops will help take your growth to the next level! The combination of biotin, castor oil, and peppermint infuse into your strands, calm any irritation, and promote maximum growth. The Cocoa Nibs & Honey Oil is also the ultimate growth serum – it absorbs quickly into your hair, clears and blockage in your hair follicles, and has a nice texture that will leave your scalp feeling clean. Eve recommends adding Rejuva Drops and Cocoa Nibs & Honey Oil to your scalp right after braiding your hair down. After your full wig application, adding Rejuva Drops daily will keep your hair flourishing.

Final step: Style and profile: We know our Rosettes look GREAT rockin’ their unique styles. We can’t wait to see the colored, styled, and shaped wigs you pick out.

We love all the styles our Rosettes create with product favs. Share your favorite styles with us by tagging us in your photos on IG!

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