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Reconnect With Your Curl-Friends With These Culinary Blends

Hey Rosettes, Happy Summer! Can you believe that we are six months into 2020 already? With the current climate of the world mixed with the outbreak of COVID-19, now it the best time to keep our loved ones close, including our BFFs. With some of us still, social distancing, celebrate your curl-friends with our favorite Camille Rose blends! Easily mail these blends to your BFF, send a cute note, and watch your friendship grow with your gorgeous curls.

Buritti Nectar Repair Hair Oil
Is your curl friend currently protective styling? They’ll love the Buritti Nectar Repair Hair Oil to keep their styles intact. This oil is extracted from exotic Buritti fruit and is rich in Omega 3, 6, 9. It’s the perfect cocktail oil that nourishes braids, twists, and foundational lies for wigs and sew-ins.

The Lavender Collection
Is your curly BFF one of those who have to have the complete product line for each step of the hair washing process? We get it! Share one of our favorite collections with them – The Lavender Collection. Complete with every product for every step to achieve the perfect curls, this collection overflows with healing plant extracts, chamomile, silkening butter and oils, and lavender! It even comes with the delicious Edge Glaze to add the finishing touch to any style.

Algae Renew Deep Conditioning
Who doesn’t love a squeaky-clean wash day? Send the Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask to your BFF! You’ll have them feeling super cute, clean, and their scalp deeply moisturized. This conditioning mask gets the conditioning job done well with an extra punch of antioxidants to maximize the moisture benefits.

The Flora Detox Clarifying Clay Mask
Does your home-curl love vibrant, dewy skin? The Flora Detox Clarifying Clay Mask is packed with vitamins and minerals to bring out the brightest, glowing skin ever. It’s a great product to use if your skin is a bit tired, exhausted, or you need a refreshing moment.

Marcona Marnier Home Collection
Maybe your person loves their hair but loves home décor and design even more. We got you here, too! The Marcona Marnier Collection adds essence and truly makes a house into a home. The hand-poured, soy candle makes any room feel cozy and warm, and the All-Purpose Cleaner disinfects and keeps your living space tidy. It’s a great combo for anyone living and working in the same area.

The Mandarin Collection
Some of our curl friends have mini Rosettes, and we didn’t forget about them. Send your people the Mandarin Collection for the kids! The Sweet Puddin is perfect for delicate conditioning strands, the Sundae Glaze melts away on the scalp, and the Brown Butter Glaze stimulates hair growth. The mini Rosettes need some self-care too!

We’re sure your friends will love whatever you choose to send them. Just remember, the point is to share the love, help keep their spirits high, and help keep their curls, home, and body kept! Times are challenging right now, so keep learning and loving each other.