Quinoa: The Protein Powerhouse

Rosettes, do you find yourself in frustrating discussions among your curly friends on how to maintain hydrated tresses? If so, what you may be missing in those conversations is the vital connection between moisture and protein. There are many misconceptions about the use of protein in one’s hair care regime, but the fact of the matter is protein is important to your hair, and without it, it can cause extreme damage, split ends, hair loss, and lack of length retention. One of the leading protein ingredients to recently hit the beauty scene is hydrolyzed Quinoa.

Demystifying the Exotic Quinoa
As beauty consumers continue to opt for more transparent and organic ingredients, many herbs and grains traditionally used in eastern civilizations have reemerged for their powerful healing properties, including hydrolyzed Quinoa. One of nature's wonders, also known as 'the mother grain', 'vegetable caviar' and 'Inca rice', it offers hair a powerful reboot as it contains the 8 essential amino acids that regenerate and restores hair to its original luster by penetrating the hair at its root, strengthening it from its cortex, and along its surface to promote overall hair growth.
Additionally, when this superior protein is extracted from Quinoa, it leaves hair looking and feeling smoother, soothes scalp irritation, and improves overall shine.

How to Know When it’s Time for a Treatment
You can tell it's time for a dose of protein when your hair is dull, dry, or limp. If you notice an overabundance of shedding or breakage when combing or finger-detangling, or if your hair has lost its bounciness, it may be time to treat your hair. It’s also very beneficial to pre-treat your locks with a protein treatment if you often use direct heat. The protein can strengthen your strands and protect it from any damage the heat may cause.

Prime Protein Treatments
Protein treatments are easy to find and purchase. In fact, our recent 'Around the World' collection, which will be available in selected Sally Beauty stores, offers our carefully hand-crafted Camille Rose’s Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Protein Treatment. We've combined the force of hydrolyzed Quinoa with Golden Nangai nut and Japanese Tsubaki oil in a strengthening mix of vitamins A, E, and Beta Carotene. The Nangai and Tsubaki oils intensely moisturize each strand of hair, while the combined vitamins and nutrients restore breaking and splitting strands. This exotic combination of tropically-sourced ingredients promotes healthy hair growth and fully nourish your strands to get shiny, supple tresses, and curls.

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