Pre-poo Your Strands Like a Champ With These Camille Rose Tips

Pre-poo Your Strands Like a Champ With These Camille Rose Tips
Have you heard the tea? Pre-pooing is the preferred way to prep your locks on wash day! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, fear not - we got you, Rosettes!

Conditioning your hair before the shampoo process (aka “pre-pooing”) provides it with a protective layer and moisture before shampooing so your washout is sleek and supple. Rosettes blessed with coils, kinks, and super-curls may be more familiar with the pre-poo process, but who couldn’t use a little extra moisture in their lives? Here are a few of our favorite pre-poo products that will give your wash day routine a high dosage of style and hydration!

Start Dry
A proper pre-poo starts with dry hair. Applying moisture-infusing products to dry hair allows them to penetrate hair follicles from root to tip, locking in moisture before the shampoo process.

Before you pre-poo, take some time to assess your hair and scalp situation. Do you have issues like dry or oily scalp? Is hair breakage or loss a concern for you? Maybe you’re looking for a more curl definition. Note anything you need to help you craft your perfect pre-poo!

Our Pre-Poo Go-Tos
First things first, we love the Camille Rose Buritti Nectar Repair Hair Oil. Always a Rosette favorite, this repairing oil cocktail is infused with Amazonian Buritti Fruit oil, rich in omegas that return moisture to your hair. In contrast, rosemary oil gently cleanses the scalp. If growth is your goal, grab the Camille Rose Cocoa Nibs and Honey Ultimate Growth Serum. A nurturing blend of golden jojoba, sesame seed oil, coconut, and olive fruit extract is combined with Amla oil to open blocked follicles, increase blood circulation and drench hair in intense moisture. Reclaim your power with Camille Rose Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Hair Oil. For damaged, breaking, or splitting hair, this strength-restoring hair and scalp blend reign supreme! Rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3, Nangai nut oil and Japanese Tsubaki oil come together to prevent breakage, retain moisture, and promote healthy and stronger hair.

Step By Step
Section your hair into four to ten sections (depending on your hair’s length and thickness) using clips or bobby pins makes it easier to coat your strands with the product evenly. Now here’s the fun part, indulging those tresses with treats from Camille Rose! Coat your hair evenly with your favorite Camille Rose product from scalp to ends. (Pro-tip: Start by massaging oils into your scalp, targeting any specific areas of concern.) After the product is applied, carefully detangle each section of your hair using a wide-tooth comb (and your fingers if necessary).

Time Is On Your Side
Once your hair is completed coated in your favorite Camille Rose, let the product sit for at least 30 minutes.

A few Rosettes we know suggest wearing a plastic shower cap during this step. This utilizes the scalp’s natural heat to open hair follicles and allow nutrients to smooth and enrich your strands.

To kick it up another level, use a blow-dryer for a heating cap effect. The longer you wait before shampooing, the better - try adding a headwrap and going overnight if you can!

The Finale
After you’re done, take to your usual wash day ritual, shampooing (we recommend Coconut Water Curl Coating Cowash, powered by crushed coconut, fruit oils, and herbal extracts hydrate, strengthen and soften with a satin finish) and conditioning as usual. Rinse hair thoroughly to avoid product build-up.

Do you pre-poo? We want to hear from you! Share your tips, tricks, and experiences in the comments below!

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