No Salon? No Problem, Deep Condition Like These 5 Rosettes for Healthy Hair

No Salon? No Problem, Deep Condition Like These 5 Rosettes for Healthy Hair
Are you taking your time easing back into the salon? With so much going on in the world, we understand if you are. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to get the salon looks right at home nowadays. There are great styling and hair products that will leave your hair feeling clean, fresh, soft, and looking gorgeous, including several of our Camille Rose masks and deep conditioners! Check out five of our favorite Rosettes that deep condition like pros and style their hair own their own.

@chelliscurls is a wash day pro! As a “die-hard Camille Rose fan” (she said it, not us!), she shows us how she properly deep conditions her hair with the Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Hair Maskin her#MaskMonday YouTube video. Franchello mentioned loving the thickness, the smell, and how it deep conditions and hydrates her hair and ends. Another plus about our Algae Renew Hair Mask is that you can leave it on for hours for extra benefits and conditioning!

We absolutely love @Kensthetic_’s deep conditioning routine for low-porosity hair using our Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment and Oud Rich Infusion Oil! With low-porosity hair, moisture tends to sit on top of the hair follicles instead of steeping into your scalp. Ever since she confirmed she had low-porosity hair, she switched up her cleansing and conditioning routine. Our Oud Rich duo is perfect for an extra boost of moisture, hydration, shine, bounce, and volume!

@Ina90skindofworld’s high energy and upbeat songs make her wash day demos even more exciting to try out, especially her step-by-step YouTube video for the Camille Rose Lavender Collection! She used the Fresh Cleanser, Quench Deep Conditioner, Whipped Cream Leave-In, Shaken Hair Spritzer, Crush Defining Gel, and the Edge Glaze, and she LOVED the high definition curly results. Our Lavender Collection is packed with natural and carefully sourced ingredients to keep your hair fresh, penetrated, and super cute.

Our friendly neighborhood curl friend @Curlswithlizzz_ took it back to the holidays with a Camille Rose Cocoa Mélange Deep Conditioner review and demo! The delicious smell of chocolate pudding was the icing on the cake to her well moisturized and very soft, supple curls. She highly recommends the Cocoa Mélange Deep Conditioner for type 4, low-porosity hair.

@Jeanettejbeauty used all of our products to replenish her hair after vacation, including the Algae Renew Deep Conditioner! She pre-pooed to detangle her hair with the Cocoa Nibs and Honey Growth Serum, and her hair was intensely moisturized right before her wash and condition. The Algae Renew is pretty dense on her hair, so she didn’t have to use a lot of it, and she left it in for only 10 minutes. She was left with nice, soft, and smooth curls.

With all that’s going on, you deserve to take a break and care for yourself. You don’t have to go far – you can stay right at home. Check out these wonderful YouTube videos by some of our favorite Rosettes to get salon-style conditioning and penetration, and beautiful bouncy curls!

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