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New Velvet Rose Eau De Parfum and Candle Gift Set by Camille Rose

The power of scent can evoke memories of our past and move us deeply without even noticing. We’ve been in the lab mixing the most sultry and eccentric fragrance just in time for you to treat yourselves for Valentine’s Day with our new Velvet Rose Eau De Parfum and Candle Gift Set.

We understand finding a signature scent for your home and body that resonates with you can be a challenge, so we have sourced some of the finest and notable botanicals from around the world to create a euphoric experience for your enjoyment. Swirled in an oasis of fruits like feminized citrus and plum with Egyptian rose petals, our collection offers a brilliant and beautiful dance of aromatic bliss that is sure to ignite and rejuvenate the senses.

Let’s delve in a little deeper into our smooth and enticing collection!

Egyptian Rose
Ancient Egyptian roses were a staple in past cultures for their alluring and sensual aroma. Synonymous with love and beauty, this legendary flower is a natural emollient with both powerful and healing aromatherapy properties that can help ease stress and tension for mental clarity.
Aromatically, this East Indian wood offers a deep and intoxicating earthy fragrance that is a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Its healing properties greatly extend past smell. In fact, this powerful plant soothes mental stress and anxiety, and promotes a sense of peace and overall calmness.
Musk Oil
For centuries people have enjoyed the rich, yet subtle Musk oil. This warm and exotic natural blend emits hints of smooth leather and bitter wood that works naturally with the chemistry of your body, releasing a magically unforgettable aroma.
White Plum
The scent of plums symbolizes vitality and beauty, evoking extreme sensuality. We’ve added notes of this delectable fruit, harnessing the power of its succulent and lush sweetness for an irresistible aroma that you can almost taste.
Teak is an illustrious and highly-sought after timber. It offers an elegant and rich fragrance, which is deeply grounding. We’ve based our collection with this heavenly aroma to create an entrancing delicate scent that reveals a refreshingly warm forest smell of sophistication.

Rosettes, are you ready to enjoy our perfectly blended and natural collection of sophistication? Click here and get yours today!