Natural Hair Tips For Growth And Style This Fall

Natural Hair Tips For Growth And Style This Fall
Fall and Winter are slowly but surely creeping up, and the leaves will be turning in no time! We love a good hair day in the brisk, cool breeze, but more importantly, we love nourished, conditioned curls all times of the year. In line with this year’s fashion trends of bright colors and animal prints, we have a few great ideas to make an amazing statement with your hair!

Overload on the deep conditioner and hair pins
Rosettes, there’s nothing cuter then hydrated, supple curls with a hair pin, or five. We wore them all the time in the 90's, and the trending style has made its comeback. When it comes to hair accessories, more is more. Forget the simple 2-pin style and add six to make a statement. Or, where a statement hair pin with an impactful word or phrase. You can’t tuck dry, crunchy hair behind your ear, so make sure you are combating the cold with our Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. And, bonus, your hair will smell like the tropics, even in September.

Bright clothes and brighter ‘fros.
So far, we’ve seen a huge breakthrough with hot, neon colors, and we don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. This Fall will continue the neon momentum, and we expect hair colors to go a few shades lighter as well. If you’re into honey blonde and browns, check in with your stylist to find the perfect shade for you. But with every color comes a very strict moisturizing schedule, so make sure you stick to your Camille Rose routine. We recommend our OUD Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment to combat any hair color woes that may come your way. The olive, jojoba, and white tea, combats dryness and amplifies hair’s softness and shine. It’s the perfect product for trying out a new color. Oh, don’t forget to wear your neon pink sweater with you new style!

Protecting your curls is always in style
One thing we love about natural hair is it versatility. Protective styling such as faux locks, box braids, and Senegalese twists are some of the best ways to keep your natural hair protected, moisturized, and conveniently styled. The most important thing to do is take care of your hair, even while protective styled, to make sure your hair is still nourished, healthy, and growing. We always recommend a strong wash and condition routine, like with our Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse and our Crème Restore Conditioning Cleanser. Want to keep your locks flourishing while braided? Add our newest addition to the Camille Rose Collection, Rejuva Drops, to your hair care routine. The Saw Palmetto, Peppermint, and Castor Beans work wonders for strengthening and growing your hair. It’s also key for growing and conditioning your edges!

What are some of your go-to Fall styles? How do your dress your hair up (or down) when it gets cooler? Follow us on Instagram @CamilleRoseNaturals and let us know!

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