MUA Kaneshia Shana Bares Her Beautiful

MUA Kaneshia Shana Bares Her Beautiful

In celebration of our newest Camille Rose FACE skincare collection, we sat down with Taste Maker Kaneshia Shana (IG: @kaneshiashana), a social media MUA that knows a lot about beauty, self-empowerment and expression. Because we also love the natural and rejuvenating ingredients in our FACE line, we got her take on how she achieves her fresh FACE to bare her beautiful.

Camille’s Corner: Kaneshia, you have created some of the most uniquely beautiful makeup looks. How did you get into makeup and what prompted you to begin creating these innovative looks on social media?

@kaneshiashana: I got into makeup after High School after watching some of the OG Youtubers like Tyme the Infamous and Makeup Geek. It wasn’t until I got more comfortable and confident with makeup that I started my own YouTube channel in 2012. And in 2017 I really wanted to get serious about it so I decided to take on the 365 days of makeup challenge (You do a look everyday for a year) and this is where I really learned there are no rules when it comes to makeup!

Camille’s Corner: You’re not the typical MUA, what inspires you to create looks and what is the process like?

@kaneshiashana: I get inspiration from anything and everything; drawings, paintings, tattoos, digit art other MUA etc. If I see something that inspires me I try to visualize how it will look on my face and sometimes I might draw it out first and then I use my face as a canvas. Some of my looks may take up to 6 hours!

Camille’s Corner: What tips do you have for other inspiring MUA who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Camille Rose kaneshiashana
@kaneshiashana: CONSISTENCY is key! I cannot stress that enough. When I am consistent so are my supporters. Another tip would be to go outside of your comfort zone, you already know what’s there! Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid. I like to think of makeup looks like art, it’s subjective and there are no rules!

Camille’s Corner: What does #BareYourBeauty mean to you?

Kaneisha: INCLUSIVENESS! All shades of color!

We all love a fresh beat face, but ensuring your skin underneath is healthy is vital. @kaneshiashana notes, “I used to have pretty bad acne so having clear skin was always a struggle for me. I have tried so many products and I have found out for MY skin the less the better.” To keep your complexion clean with minimal product and all natural ingredients, our FACE collection offers garden-inspired ingredients that provide a youthful glow to any skin type. Get the full collection exclusively at

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