Moisture Matters For Healthier Hair

Moisture Matters For Healthier Hair

If you've spent a substantial amount of time on your natural hair journey wondering how to keep your hair moisturized, you're not alone. Maintaining moisture retention is a leading issue among the curly community, but why does moisture matter so much to the integrity of hair? Maximizing the exposure of moisture to the hair essentially makes the hair feel smoother and improves manageability.

While adding moisture is NOT a one-stop shop for hair growth, it does significantly increase the quality of hair and improves it's overall health, and here's why.

The Miracle of Moisture
Just like our skin, our hair needs consistent maintenance to ensure optimum health. Dehydrated hair only leads to breakage, lackluster color and split ends. Not to mention, overexposure to environments can strip hair of its natural oils, so adding moisture treatments to your hair regime are vital to protecting healthy hair and restoring damaged strands.

Superior Moisture
Deep conditioning hair is a key strategy to combat against dry, brittle and thirsty hair. If you're looking to include a powerful treatment, indulge your locks with our uniquely formulated Around The World Collection, Camille Rose Oud Deep Moisture Treatment, which is the sure to revamp hair by easily seeping into hair's roots, improving shine, elasticity and decreasing breakage. Hand-crafted to perfection, luscious curls with bounce will emerge after being infused with the succulence of exotic Middle Eastern OUD oil. An ancient luxurious wonder of the world, this dark and resinous oil strengthens and nourishes hair from root to tip.

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