Meet Tanya: Camille Rose Marketing Product Lead and Educator

Meet Tanya: Camille Rose Marketing Product Lead and Educator
Rosettes, if you’ve loving our fresh, creative content highlighting great styles and beautiful curls, you can thank part of that to our marketing product lead and educator, Tanya. Her product knowledge and visual creativity is a force to be reckoned with. She helps with the development of marketing initiatives and product development/education that are representative of our wide-ranging tribe. As the arsenal of Camille Rose beauty and life products continues to expand, it’s important that the benefits of products are adequately articulated in a way that resonates with the existing lives of our product users. This is where Tanya flourishes! Over the course of several years, the senior creative has help with many of our marketing efforts that not only highlight new product launches, but more importantly, resonate with consumers that build organic camaraderie. From creating fun and energetic pop-up shops that create memorable experiences to hoping on set to demonstrate just how well Cleansing Milks and other products keeps her curls popping, she creates. As a marketing product lead and educator, our amazing content is a reflection of her contributions of ingenuity and creativity.

This brains and beauty bombshell is a graduate of Savannah College of Arts and Design and a strong background in retail and sales. Her expertise is in style, textiles, trend forecasting, and branding. Tanya also attended the Aveda Arts & Science Institute, where she furthered shaped her skills as a visual creative and beauty industry professional.

With an incredible background in all things beauty, it’s no surprise Tanya did the big chop, stating it was “freeing” and gave her a fresh start during her busy schedule. If you’re looking for tips on how to style your TWA, she’s your girl.

Camille’s Corner: How long have you been with CR?
Tanya: “It will be 5 years in September since I joined the Camille Rose team, Woah!

Camille’s Corner: How did you get your start with CR?
Tanya: “I actually started with CR as an ambassador and worked my way up the chain. My very first gig with the company was a commercial shoot for Walmart. It was fun!”

Camille's Corner : What are your top 2 CR hair and top 2 skin products?
Tanya: “I love Coconut Water Leave In Treatment, Honey Hydrate and Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask. To keep my skin clear, I really love our FACE Seedless Skin Pore-Reducing Foaming Scrub and our Cupuacu Sweet Cream. I love having soft skin and Cupuacu does it EVERYTIME!”

Camille's Corner: What do you do as product lead?
Tanya: “Whew! A little bit of everything. I'm mainly responsible for how everyone understands the product through educating our team, our consumer base at events, our vendor partners and so much more. Lately, I've been dabbling a bit on the product development side of my role, which really helps me to connect with our products and have a better way of relaying the information that our consumers will see. I've learned a lot about what it takes to develop our products and that understanding is near and dear to my heart!”

Camille’s Corner: What's the biggest perk of your job?
Tanya: “One perk of being on the Camille Rose creative team is definitely being able to help women navigate the process of relearning and appreciating their natural hair. There can be many hurdles. I love being able to tell a story through our products and have people relate on an everyday basis. The biggest reward is always seeing the progress and the confidence that shines through once someone has used Camille Rose. We work hard day in and day out to make sure the products are top notch so it's always great when our consumer base reflects that energy.”

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