Meet Our Unicorn of Marketing: Angela Stanley

Meet Our Unicorn of Marketing: Angela Stanley

Beauty marketing's best-kept secret is no longer a secret. Meet Camille Rose, Vice President of Marketing - Angela Stanley (@angelastylez). What's the secret to driving a creative, world-class brand presence? It takes irreverent vision with much ambition - and it's all in a day's work for Angela.

From the beginning
Since her graduation from the prestigious Hampton University with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media Arts and Advertising, Angela Stanley is an innovative marketing professional. Her innovative approach to strategic marketing and the art of branding and storytelling has garnered her a stellar reputation and success in the marketing world.

From her career beginnings as Marketing Coordinator for household names such as Turner Broadcast System, Home Depot, and Georgia State University, Stanley honed the one-of-a-kind technique that makes her a valuable asset to the Camille Rose brand.

Camille Rose is a lifestyle brand in the hair care beauty space. It continues to expand, and that is a culmination of Stanley's strategic approach to unlocking our founder Janell Stephens' vision.

Next-level growth
Officially launched in 2011, Camille Rose started in Stephens' kitchen to search for a solution to an all too common issue - her kids' chronic eczema.

Now carried in over 300,000 national retail chains, including Ulta, Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods, we can thank Angela's expertise and natural ability to implement strategies that strengthen the brand's visibility and reach, as well as leverage and lead Camille Rose teams' talents (combined with Janell Stephens' unique and visionary mission for the brand) for our growth, now and in the future.

Implementing flawless strategies for engagement and exposure is the name of Stanley's game.

With the world revolving more and more around the digital these days, many brands are opting for the far more personal touch that influencer marketing can provide.

Gone are the days of out-of-touch, hyper-edited mega model clones. These days, people want to see what's real. Not one to let an opportunity for growth go unnoticed, Stanley foresaw this trend and what was born is what we now know of as the Rosettes - everyday friends and fans of the Camille Rose brand with real-life tips and tricks from their natural hair care journey.

From the super successful Rosette Influencer Program to IRL events that speak, resonate, and captivate the culture. Angela's vision is always a cocktail of sophistication and class.

Strategic community outreach
There's nothing like a spectacular event to turn heads and get attention, which is precisely what Beauté Noir, Camille Rose's epic first annual Juneteenth gala, did.

From curating a perfect setting to invoking the spirit of community and togetherness, Beauté Noir is a brilliant example of Angela's marketing prowess. Using her unrivaled skill and passion, Angela brought in impressive honorees (like Jai Ferrell, Melissa Proctor, and Rasheeda Frost, to name a few) that inspired attendees while putting on an event along with Camille Rose's dynamic team and vendors that were also entertaining and uplifting.

A veneration of Black excellence, with an appropriately poignant, sophisticated rose-centered theme, Beauté Noir brought together some of the most influential trendsetters, changemakers, and leaders in black beauty and culture for a night of celebration.

June 19, known more commonly as Juneteenth, marks the day 1865 that the last enslaved African-American was emancipated. This year, Juneteenth finally became an official federal holiday after being celebrated by Black Americans for decades.

With Camille Rose Naturals sitting pretty as one of the top Black-owned brands right now, the bold ball that is Beauté Noir couldn't come at a better time.

Hosted by "the Lifestyle Specialist" Kenny Burns with tunes spinning from DJ Stormy and bubbly flowing from Black-owned La Fête du Rosé, all the way down to the venue and decor, Angela brought Janell Stephens vision to life. She pulled out all the stops to see that Beauté Noir was a night to remember.

Angela Stanley, we salute you and all you do to help Camille Rose and beauty brand space a movement!

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