Meet Camille Rose’s 4C Beauty Behind Its Creative Design

Meet Camille Rose’s 4C Beauty Behind Its Creative Design
Our very own powerhouse and design guru, Keisha Pyzynski, is the Creative Designer for Camille Rose, and mastermind behind Key Design & Media, a firm dedicated to bringing health, beauty, and wellness brands to life. Founded in 2012, the firm produces effective, and high-quality visual content for brands all over the world.

Camille’s Corner: What’s your typical day at Camille Rose like? What do you love about it? 

@keishapyzynski: A typical day at CR is quite busy, yet fun. I love working with the CR team. I start off my days by checking our project board and focusing on all graphic design requests that are due for social, print, or any retailer requests. What I enjoy most about what I do at CR are the projects for print marketing. I love designing tangible marketing materials, such as product displays, signage, packaging containers, and pamphlets.

Camille’s Corner: What is your professional and/or academic background? How did you get to this role? 

@keishapyzynski: My graphic design skillset is something that came naturally. In high school, I learned a program called Photoshop. I loved designing things, but I wasn't sure if that is what I wanted to do as a profession. I attended the University of West Florida, where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts. I majored in Public Relations and minored in Marketing. A lot of my Communication Arts courses included Graphic Design in some fashion. I think at that point I realized how much I loved designing. I started freelancing and started to accumulate a network of referrals. Instead of getting a PR job at a firm, I started my own creative business in 2012. By 2015, I started gaining clients in the hair industry and ultimately got the opportunity to work with Camille Rose.

Camille’s Corner: You create the beautiful marketing images that we've all grown to love. Tell us, what is your favorite, and why? 

@keishapyzynski: Thank you! I love the product images that I've created featuring the CR products with ingredients. I've been able to capture some beautiful flat lay images showcasing the brand's use of rich and beneficial ingredients. Janell's start in the kitchen is so inspiring, and when I take product images for the brand, I always try to tie in the "mixed fresh" concept. 

Camille’s Corner: Flat lay images? What are those, Keisha?

@keishapyzynski: A flat lay is a style of photography where you shoot directly above the object to give the appearance of it being completely flat.

Camille’s Corner: What CR beauty blends are a must for you and why? 

@keishapyzynski: My absolute favorite CR beauty blends are Seedless Skin and Light Affect. I've always been hesitant to try new skin products, but these two products have been awesome to my skin. I recommend these products to everyone!

Camille’s Corner: What are your favorite hobbies that you do outside of work? 

@keishapyzynski: Some hobbies that I enjoy when I'm not working are game nights with my kids, watching HGTV, and working on video production sets with my husband.

Camille’s Corner: What advice would you give others looking to follow a similar path? 

@keishapyzynski: I would advise any creative entrepreneur or artist to strengthen their network, to nurture client and referral relationships, and stay up to date on trends in their creative areas of expertise.

Thanks, Keisha, for sharing your flowers with us.

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