Janell on Orange Theory and Staying Active

Fitness has always been an important staple in my life. I’ve always been relatively slim, but I enjoy pushing my limits and keeping my body strong. It also keeps my hair and skin youthful and glowing, helps me keep up with my busy days, and my even busier children. And lastly, it helps with overall mental wellness. I think it’s safe to say that finding a fitness routine and sticking with it is like finding a pot of gold. But just like any pot of gold, it takes time to find the “end of the rainbow” or, better yet, a fitness routine that works for you.

For many years I tried variations of workouts to see what I enjoyed the most. I worked out with a personal trainer for a while, but it was boring to me. I didn’t like the idea of staying in the gym and lifting weights – I’d much rather move around or be outside. I tried Pilates, which delivered amazing results but wasn’t active enough! It was way too slow for my liking. Finally, I found the end of the rainbow, and thus, my “pot of gold” – Orange Theory!

Orange Theory is a 1-hour, full-body workout that focuses on endurance, strength, and power. Training is based on your own heart rate, so it’s effective for all fitness levels. Orange Theory trains every part of my body – glutes, hamstrings, arms, tummy – everything! Because it’s exactly one hour, it fits my busy schedule and I’m able to get in several classes throughout the week. More importantly, it’s affordable.

When I’m not at Orange Theory, I make sure to incorporate a nice jog or run into my weekly routine. This also keeps my endurance levels high, and allows me to work my cardiovascular system. I’m so grateful to have found a routine that works for me, because I’m able to be the best (physical and mental) versions of myself. If you haven’t tried working out for health and mental wellness, get started today!

I am always open to learning and trying new workouts, so share your workout routine secrets and go-to’s with me @Janell_Stephens on Instagram.