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Hydration vs. Moisture: Why They Are Not The Same

Hey Rosettes!

We need to talk about moisture and hydration. Although the two are similar, they are not the same. We understand being a curly natralista means you’re carefully trying to balance the two to keep your hair healthy and we’re here to take the guess work out. Camille’s Corner chatted with our very own Master Stylist and Gourmet Blends Expert Eve, who is here to make sure your hair stays on drip mode!

Hydrating Dry, Brittle Natural Hair
Hydration has become a bit of a buzz word in the natural hair community, but what is all the fuss about? According to Eve – hydration refers to your hair’s ability to retain and balance a healthy level of water retention and protein. An example of this would be your body; a dehydrated person can drink a glass or two of water but not be completely hydrated. Hydration takes times and diligence to make sure your hair soaks up and holds enough water. By doing so, you will notice that your strands will require less and less product in your hair to maintain styles.

Tip: Eve suggests applying a leave - in conditioner like our Camille Rose Coconut Water Leave - In Treatment while in the shower. The steam from the shower combined with pure coconut waters and botanical juices activates our conditioner, allowing it to deeply penetrate your hair’s shaft. Your hair will feel noticeably softer and smoother with every use.

Moisturizing Rough Strands
Does your hair feel rough, unmanageable and/or stiff? If so, your problem may be a lack of moisture. First thing first, Eve defines moisture as your hair having a healthy amount of water on top of its shaft. The purpose of moisturizing products is to seal existing hydration within your hair’s follicles. For example, if you apply an oil or butter onto of dry hair, it may feel soft, but your strands may not be flexible and may still have a crackle to it when it is dry if it still lacks hydration from water.

Tip: Eve suggests sticking with hair butters whose first ingredient is water like Camille Rose Curlaid Moisture Butter. The sweet and aromatic blend uses deionized water with softening vanilla and macadamia that seal in moisture within the hair’s shaft from root to tip.

What are your favorite hydrating and moistening combos? Share with us in the comments below.