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HunniBre on Ghana, Confidence, and Satin Pillowcases

Camille Rose understands what makes us unique is also what makes us most beautiful. It is when we are unafraid and courageously sharing our best selves with the world around us that we relinquish permission for others to do the same. Our new garden-inspired FACE collection is full of nutrients that gently cleanse skin to expose your true beauty!

As we embark on our upcoming skincare collection FACE, we have teamed up with some of the most influential Rosettes around the world for our “Bare Your Beauty” series. This series follows Rosettes that are leaders in art, entertainment, travel, and business industries, chatting about how these ladies are forging their own paths, being fearless and fierce with natural beauty and confidence.

Next up is Bre Jordan (@HunniBre). Hailing from Macon, Georgia, Bre is a courageous, traveling fashionista that knows how to embrace her timeless beauty from head to toe. We got to discuss her take on confidence, how she maintains her natural hair while traveling, and what beauty means to her.

Camille’s Corner: We’ve caught you putting on for the natural-haired curly girls all over the globe. How did you get into traveling?

HunniBre: I’ve always wanted to see the world. Since childhood, I’ve been curious about the world beyond my city and state. I met a few exchange students in high school and remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever and later regretted not studying abroad in college. One year I happened to travel to Puerto Rico a few times - alone, and then with a few friends on separate occasions. Overwhelmed and bored with this destination, I joined a group of friends that were traveling to Thailand the following year and had an epiphany - I thought, “I have to see this world. I can absolutely do it.”

Camille’s Corner: Your fashion sense is impeccable, from bold prints to bright colors; you have taken style to new heights on so many timelines. Have you always been into fashion? If so, what intrigues you the most?

HunniBre: I have always been into expressing myself so my energy is what fuels what I choose to wear daily. I love a bold print and shape. I try hard to keep colors in my wardrobe. They make me feel alive! I love this question because most recently I had the pleasure of stage managing a Thought Leadership Conference centered around fashion’s impact on the globe. I had no idea how wasteful humans are. As a consumer I am most intrigued by what we can do now to slow down our effect on the planet, for example, thrifting instead of shopping fast fashion. It truly rocks my world to put on a vintage piece that’s been lived in and wonder what life was like for the person that donned it before me.

Camille’s Corner: Being on the go can wreak havoc on your natural hair, but you seem to keep your locks looking amazing. What are your go- to maintenance tricks to keep your natural hair glowing while traveling?

HunniBre: Thank you so much! My MUST-have while traveling is my satin pillow case. It’s grey and it’s been all around the world with me. I can’t be bothered with twisting hair every night while away so It helps keep my moisture locked in while keeping my twist outs fresh.

Camille’s Corner: What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen while traveling, and how has each experience shaped your viewpoint on life?
HunniBre: Most recently I’ve traveled to Ghana twice. I visited the bead market in Koforidua, Ghana where I met a man selling what appeared to be vintage items along with his beads. I was immediately drawn to a beaded bag in his collection that he insisted was not for sale. I begged and pleaded because it was so beautiful and I could not leave the continent without that bag. I left my friends and followed him around this outdoor market as he seemingly softened and began telling me the story of how he acquired such a beautiful piece. We laughed and talked for what seemed like hours about so many things including our family histories, his grandchildren and our love for seeing the world. He invited me to have tea in his family’s bead section of the market and I obliged. It was in this moment that I was changed forever. I had truly connected with someone so far away in such a sweet exchange where we delved into each other’s lives and I thought this is it. This is what traveling is about. This is what I’m truly after. This is the “Be” in my Go. See. Do. Be. After our exchange, he sold me the bag and I promised to honor its story. I’m hoping to return to the bead market and visit him again.

Camille’s Corner: Your confidence oozes through your images online, what advice would you have for others who want to follow in your footsteps?

HunniBre: My advice is to just do it. Go. See. Do. Be. You can literally do whatever you want to do. Set a goal, make a plan, take action and watch it unfold.

Camille’s Corner: What do you consider a woman’s most beautiful attribute and why?

HunniBre: I consider a woman’s most beautiful attribute to be her fortitude. To be brave, courageous and determined as a woman in today’s climate is the highest example we can set for little girls and young women that are coming up behind us.