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How to Slay the Summer

Summer’s finally here; we want to make sure that while you’re out catching the sunrays, you have the best products at hand to keep your curls moisturized and your skin flawless. Here are our top three favorite Camille Rose products for the warm summer months:
Moisture on the Go: There is no better way to keep your styles cute, classy, and healthy while traveling or hanging out on the beach! This travel pack contains Sweet Ginger, Moroccan Pear, Curl Maker and Curl Love products to make sure you’re presenting your best (hair) self while away from home. You don’t have to worry about dragging your big, clunky bottles of product around. Simply grab a travel pack and go!
Cane and Sugar Balm: This delicious body exfoliate is filled with pure sugar cane and lemon fruit peel. It will certainly leave your skin vibrant and buttery soft – right in time to hit the beach sand. It’s perfect to use to get your skin super clean and glowy, or during a relaxing bath. We love it!
Glow Anti-Blemish Cleansing Bar: We love sun-kissed, blemish-free skin, and this bar will definitely help you achieve the look! Filled with silky Shea Butter and Safflower, this delicate bar with help fade dark spots, brighten your skin, and leave you feeling vibrant. It’s a perfect addition to your summertime regime!
Want to add some more Camille Rose to your life? Check us at out your local Walmart – we offer our products in-store and online!