Hosting A Holiday Party? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hosting A Holiday Party? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hey Rosettes, it’s amazing how time has flown by this year. It’s even more amazing that we’re preparing to stuff turkeys while watching football and jingle bells all the way! We love this time of the year not just because of the festivities, but also because of the time well spent with our loved ones. In fact, our CEO and Master Mixtress Janell, LOVES the holidays! She enjoys decorating her home with her children, and hosting guests while serving some of her favorite dishes (it’s such a great way to introduce her family to delicious vegan food)! In preparation for the world’s favorite time of the year, we’re giving you tips on how to be the hostess with the most-ess – that is, how to the throw the best holiday party this year!

Here are 5 festive tips to kick your holiday partying off.

Shop ahead of time
Ready to host the ultimate party get-down? Give yourself plenty of lead time to prepare. We recommend at least 6 weeks. There are so many small details that go into making a memorable event that if you get many of them addressed, you can host the season’s best party ever!

Create a party-ready space
A party can be hosted in any space whether or large or small, however the key to a great party location is ensuring that the space is ready to endure. If you’re planning to party in your home, you must rearrange to create sitting and standing space and put up any breakable items. If you’re planning to host at a venue, making sure the venue is booked well in advance is key, and then visiting the venue to understand space dynamics will be very helpful.

Send out invitations within theme
Staying in theme is the sure way to get your invitees excited! Make sure your invitations are in-theme as well. You can send invitations however you’d like – there are so many options such as paperless invitations and even Facebook groups. However you choose to extend your invitations, make sure they are in representation of what your guests can expect. Hosting a Friendsgiving party? Make sure your guests know to wear their stretchy clothes. Having a party closer to Christmas? Include a donation option to give to charity. There’s so many ways to get your guests excited and engaged!

Stick within budget
Celebrations are meant to do just that – celebrate – not break your bank. Make sure you set a budget, and have a co-planner help you stick to it. Partying doesn’t have to be expensive, again, t’s the details that make it memorable. If your budget is tight, consider cost-effective ways to entertain your guests, like checking out the local thrift store for decorations and serving dishes, and hitting up a dollar store for cleaning supplies.

As the host, make sure YOU have a great time, too
Hosting a party is a fun way to get your family and friends together over the holidays, but not so fun if you don’t join in on the festivities. You don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment for the sake of others – EVERYONE can have fun! Make it a point to put down your planner once you’ve gotten the major milestones of your events out of the way. Then, pick up a plate, grab a drink of choice, and start catching up with your guests.

Is this your first year hosting a family holiday event? Do you have anxiety about making things just right? We want to know! Drop your comments below.

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