Here’s Why Camille Rose’s Velvet Rose Parfum is The Best Gift For Rose Day

Here’s Why Camille Rose’s Velvet Rose Parfum is The Best Gift For Rose Day
Rosettes! It may seem hard to believe, but already February is here and romance is in the air. Some might even say it’s the most sensual time of the year! We’ll take any reason to make ourselves and our loved ones feel fab and that’s what Rose Day is all about. Right around the corner on the 7th, this modern celebration of love begins the weeklong gift-giving affair that leads up to Valentine’s Day. Like anything, everyone has their own way they like to Rose Day. From adhering to strictly rose-themed paraphernalia to European chocolates infused with edible petals, the tradition of Rose Day is all about expressing our love with a little help from the world’s most romantic flower.

Why Roses?
Aside from being gorgeous and classically alluring, roses are a universal symbol of the vast and varied aspects of love, from friendship to flirtation to full-on romance. Roses have been intrinsically linked with amorous expression since the days of the ancients, who associated the delicacies with beguiling goddesses such as Aphrodite and Venus. It is in this spirit that we celebrate Rose Day (and the week that follows), by giving the gift of the rose to the ones we hold nearest and dearest in our hearts.

A Rose By Any Other Name
What could possibly be better than a bouquet of roses for Rose Day? We think only one thing - Camille Rose Velvet Rose Parfum, or better yet, the Parfum and Candle Set! After all, it’s always fun to spice things up a bit and gift outside the norm, even if the one you’re gifting for is yourself. It’s no secret that part of the undeniable appeal of roses is their enticing scent. Unlike any other in nature, the aromatic scent of roses has inspired countless songs, poems, stories, legends, and more. This is the very scent that has been meticulously coupled with complimentary infusions and immortalized in the sensory experience that is Camille Rose Velvet Rose Parfum.

Sweet Thing
Like an exquisite pastry, the Camille Rose Velvet Rose essence is a multi-layered concoction devised of rich tones designed to seduce the senses. The fragrance story begins with sandalwood, laying down a musky and nostalgic base, invoking an air of elegance. This is followed by a luscious and awakening Egyptian rose, sprinkled with hints of citrus. Not at all to be confused with a “shrinking violet” scent, Camille Rose Velvet Rose Parfum includes musk oil, a known aphrodisiac, tempered by warm and cedary teakwood then finished off with the gossamer and fruity notes of fresh white plum. Bold and intoxicating, yet somehow still delicate, sweet, and wildly feminine, it’s almost like Velvet Rose Parfum by Camille Rose isn’t merely something you wear, it’s a whole escapade that will leave you feeling delicately dreamy and lost in love.

Treat Yourself (Or Someone Else)
A fine fragrance can make you feel like a million bucks, and that’s exactly how we all want to feel - not just on Rose Day and Valentine's Day, but all of the time. And hey, let’s be real, as lovely as they are, flowers fade but fragrance? Well, the fragrance is forever. This year, give yourself the gift of Camille Rose Velvet Rose Parfum and keep blooming even after Cupid’s big day. If you want to be a real doll, gift set a set or two to keep your squad blooming too!

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