Here’s to Smooth Sailing on Wash Day With Our New Vegan Plant Cleansing Milks

Here’s to Smooth Sailing on Wash Day With Our New Vegan Plant Cleansing Milks

Happy New Year, and welcome to a new decade, Rosettes! Can you believe it’s the year 2020? It feels like 2010 was just yesterday, and Rihanna just released Rude Boy. Speaking of rude, we’re kicking off the year solving old but still very relevant hair care problems!

Straight Out of Plants - Vegan Infused Milks
We can relate to our Rosettes that are plant-based everything. Plant-based diets and hair care options (like this milk!) promote shine, and are full of nutrients like iron, zinc, and omega-3s. We created three new Plant Milks with the best ingredients in mind from Mother Nature’s garden. We extracted the most potent nutrients from our Garden’s organic fruits and vegetables to solve your most challenging hair care needs. Even better, these milks are fresh, 100% vegan and vegetarian, and make wash day a lot simpler by your hair's specific needs.

In a world where detangling beautiful curls can still be difficult, deranged, and even traumatic – we get it, and we’re here to help. Rather your curls are loose and wavy or full of super tight coils, every Rosette should be at ease and comfortable detangling their hair in a quick and simplified fashion. We have enough battles to fight; let’s eliminate wash day as one of them.
So, roll out the red carpet, Rosettes! We present to you the Camille Rose Cleansing Milks!

That’s right! We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this new decade better than simplifying your wash day and making your hair softer, suppler, and smoother than ever before. Our new Cleansing Milks are carefully crafted for every curl pattern using ingredients from – of course – our fresh garden planted right behind our Camille Rose Kitchen. We’ve created the most nourishing, hydrating and deliciously smelling milks for every curl pattern without drying sulfates to leave your hair conditioned and tangle-free.

Elongate with Neroli Cleansing Milk
When we crafted the recipe for our Neroli Cleansing Milk, we considered our Rosettes looking to grow longer beautiful hair and want to eliminate knots during their wash days. This milk gives lifeless, dull an extreme pick-me-up. The key ingredient is ancient Neroli plant, which works to deeply cleanse and sooth the scalp for cell generation. Your hair will feel revitalized with this cleansing milk as it provides an exuberant amount of oxygen and moisture to your strands for long, shiny and luxurious locks. 

Soften with White Orchid Cleansing Milk
We understand our Rosette’s every day (or week) battle with hair that is rough and brittle.Our moisture-rich White Orchid Cleansing Milk is formulated to transform dry hair into softer, more delicate strands. The key ingredient is the ancient Orchid extract.The sweetly scented plant coats hair while penetrating and nourishes to reveal smooth healthy hair from root to tip.

Definition with Rose Cleansing Milk
For those that are trying to tame what seems to be the impossible – we got you! We’ve heard our Rosette’s battle for more definition and maximum volume. Our Rose Cleansing Milk will take your frizzy hair to silk in minutes, making your hair more manageable and reducing the time it takes to wash and condition your hair. The powerhouse ingredient in this milk is flaxseed. It’s rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B and E, helping to define and moisturize, giving you volume and shine.In addition to flaxseed, sweet aromatic rose powder works to strengthen your hair follicles  and sealing your cuticles. 

Whatever your hair needs are, these cleansing milks will get the job done. Join us and our Rosette family when you show off those curls using hashtag #StraightOutOfPlant.

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