Heat It Up Even in the Winter With Our Coconut Water Collection

Heat It Up Even in the Winter With Our Coconut Water Collection

Rosettes, we get it. It is cold, and you’re probably fighting against terrible winds against your skin and hair. It sucks, so we want to take it back to a much warmer time when one of our favorite Rosettes and contest winner Shirbrina Jefferson (@shirbrina) showed up and showed out during our Miami Coconut Water Collection launch in Miami, Florida. Besides having amazingly plump, juicy, and healthy hair, there are a TON of perks to being a Rosette!

Our Coconut Water Collection Launch in Miami highlighted one of our favorite collections. The Coconut Water Collection, which includes the penetrating Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment, the Coconut Water Style Setter, and the Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. All of these amazingly fresh products contain delicious coconut, smell like the fruity tropics, and keep your hair supple and moisturized for the best hair days ever!

Shirbrina from Miami, Florida has been a naturalista since doing her big chop on May 26, 2018. As an advocate for Environmental Policy and Public Health, she “communicates the importance of resource management and promotes better health behaviors, safety, and community empowerment.”Empowerment…better health…there’s no wonder to why Shirbrina loves our Coconut Water Collection!

We chatted with Shirbrina to learn more about her natural hair journey, and what being natural means to her. Check out her responses below!

Camille’s Corner: How long have you been natural?

Shirbrina: I have been natural since May 26th, 2018. I did the big chop and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Camille’s Corner: What are your favorite Camille Rose products and why?

Shirbrina: I LOVE the Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard. Not only does it smell amazing, but it makes the whole detangling process a breeze. It also provides me with much needed moisture for my thick hair and makes styling with other Camille Rose products super easy!

Camille’s Corner: We enjoyed spending so much time with you during our Miami launch. Tell us, what was your experience during the Coconut Water Launch event?

Shirbrina: My experience at the Coconut Water Launch event in Miami was awesome. It was SO inspiring to talk with CEO Janell Stephens, to hear the story of Camille Rose, and to see what the future holds for the company. I am excited to try out their new FACE skin care products! I also had the opportunity to connect with wonderful women at the event and felt the love in the natural hair community.

Camille’s Corner: Nice! So, tell us, what does it mean to be natural to you?

Shirbrina: To me, being natural means being yourself and owning it. After the big chop, I completely stepped outside of my comfort zone. Yet, I soon learned the value in having more self-love and confidence in my life. It gave me the courage to separate myself from conventional standards of beauty and to fall in love with my own. Nobody can tell you anything once you stay true to yourself!

Camille’s Corner: How do you plan on using the Camille Rose Coconut Water Collection items in your hair routine?

Shirbrina: I plan on incorporating the Camille Rose Coconut Water Co-Wash and Style Setter in my wash and go routine! I also look forward to refreshing my curls in between my wash days with the Hydrating Elixir.

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