Get Your Uber Makeup-Obsessed BFF These Black-Owned Makeup Buys For Valentine’s Day

Get Your Uber Makeup-Obsessed BFF These Black-Owned Makeup Buys For Valentine’s Day
Rosettes, imagine it’s the year 2020 and you are still leaving the house with foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone. Or shades of red lipstick that doesn’t quite compliment the shape of your lips. In some cases, this is still a “thing.” In a world where African Americans are one of the top contributors, putting billions of dollars into the makeup industry, there are plenty of limitations on products that are fitting for melanin skin tones, deep, rich, and light. Now don’t get us wrong, inclusiveness in the beauty industry has grown tremendously to adhere diversity, and many brands are doing their best to answer the need of beauty products for all, however for some off reason, As African Americans it can still be very difficult to find brands that “fit.” But over the decades, styles and looks have become more unique to women of color, and those same women of color showed up and showed out by creating makeup lines to adhere to skin tones other than olive.

In honor of Black History Month (but do note that every month is Black History Month,) we’re showcasing the biggest and brightest brands across the world that represent FUBU. Whether you’re looking for the perfect tone match or are simply wanting to support, here are beautifully black brands that meet your black girl and boy magic. Share the love with your gals and guys this
Valentine’s Day!

Pat McGrath Labs
Named the most influential by Vogue, British makeup artist Pat McGrath created the Pat McGrath Labs as her “Golden Revolution.” While fairly new to the game launching in 2015, Pat McGrath Lab is considered “legendary” and shades are widely ranging for all skin tones. Check out our favorite: Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation.

Fenty Beauty
Rihanna just wanted to give us another reason to obsess over her! Without a doubt, Fenty Beauty is gush-worthy and should be in the cabinets of every household. Fenty Beauty products are the definition of “match made in Heaven!” Recently launched, this line hit the ground demanding attention and continues to push out some of the most amazing products for women everywhere. What do we love? The Glossbomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow.

Rosen Skincare
Rosen addresses some of the most talked-about needs in today’s beauty industry – beautiful skin and addressing acne. We love Jamika Martin’s thoughtful line because she sources the most natural ingredients to address the needs of skincare challenges, while still keeping it cute! You can even get personalized skincare recommendations based on your needs on the Rosen Skincare site. We’re obsessing over the Rose Water Face Dew. Another plus of this line – it’s wallet-friendly.

Beauty Bakerie
As a serial entrepreneur and a young mother, founder Cashmere Nicole had the drive and passion to launch the beauty brand she had always believed in. She knew she was on to something when she combined two (delicious) weaknesses – baked goods and makeup. Her twist on combining everyday wear with delectable treats makes the line even more desirable. We love this eye shadow palette – Do It for the Graham.

While this list is great, black beauty brands have been around for decades. Stay on the look out at your local retail store as many brands are evolving to address the needs of POC. And if your local stores don’t have the lines you’re looking for, speak up! Stress the importance of having access to black beauty lines so that as our community continues to blend, diversity is still at the top of our suppliers’ minds.

What are some of your favorite black beauty brands? Shout us out on IG @CamilleRoseNaturals!

Image via Oladimeji Odunsi

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