From Hair to Home: How Camille Rose Founder Janell Stephens Does it All

Camille Rose Founder Janell Stephens
Janell Stephens, Founder of Camille Rose, literally does it all. By day, you may catch her going from meeting to meeting, planning the next big event to showcase her line of natural hair, skin, and home goods. By night, Janell can be found assisting one (or all) five of her children with homework or dropping them off at extra-curricular activities. As a busy entrepreneur and “mom mogul” her schedule never stops, and neither does she.

But how is this even possible?

This summer, Janell visited various festivals, panels, conferences and events sharing her action plan for finding the time to nurture both her family and her business. She attributes much of her success to her late grandmother, who taught her “how to wear multiple hats with poise”. Her plan extended to her kitchen, where she made time to create amazing vegan meals for her family while crafting some of the most delicious and naturally-sourced hair care products simply to address her children’s sensitive skin needs.Unbeknownst to her, she was creating the stepping stones in her very own kitchen to launch Camille Rose off the ground and onto almost every store shelf nationwide. What’s her secret to doing it all? Janell sat down with her team at Camille Rose to conceptualize her top three tips for becoming a “Momprenuer”.

If you can see it, you can achieve it
It can be challenging to bring a vision to reality, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing it. One thing that Janell emphasizes is that you are your best advocate, and if you don’t trust yourself, no one will trust you either. Having faith and trusting yourself even when your path isn’t quite clear is a major key to taking your ideas from vision to reality. At any stage of balancing it all, hold tight to your end goal and watch it manifest right before your eyes.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Once you’ve framed your vision, its time to start projecting it to ones that are closest and supportive to you. This will not only help you spread your ideas, it will also create a team behind you for support. It’s not always easy; you may find that some people are very supportive, and others…not so much. Framing the right team to support your vision encourages you to keep moving forward and creates a team of believers that can help make your vision come true.

Be of good stewardship
For Janell, good stewardship means living her life for her higher power and aligning her business practices with what she believes in. Doing something you love may easily come from emphasizing the importance of what you believe in and working toward good faith every day. Keeping your beliefs and values at the forefront of everything you is a gentle, daily reminder of why you do it to begin with. Camille Rose was crafted for her children, which is how she landed on providing clean, naturally-sourced ingredients in all the Camille Rose products. Her motto,“Do for others as you’d do for yourself."

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