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Create Wonderful Holiday Scents for Your Home - Curated with Love by Janell Stephens

We’ve come to the end of 2018, and the holidays are finally here! During this time, we love cozying up near a fireplace with the sweet aromas of evergreen and hot cocoa, playing festive tunes in the background.

Speaking of scents, the holidays are the best time of the year to light candles and fill your home with fragrances. Candles and fragrances are so simple to incorporate in your home décor and are an easy way to set the mood in any atmosphere. The heat from candles provide extra warmth throughout your home during the cold winter months. It’s also traditional to light candles in the windows of your home during Christmas as a friendly signal of hospitality and welcoming your neighbors in for holiday cheer. Adding a nice, gentle fragrance throughout each room provides a special touch of relaxation, making your holiday mood complete!

Here are three easy ways to make your home look and smell like the holidays:
  • Create a cinnamon apple simmer. Add oranges, apples, cloves, and cinnamon to a pot with cider or water. Simmer it on the stove to create a sweet, cozy aroma that will linger throughout each room. Make sure you check the fluid levels every so often and add more liquid when necessary.
  • Say yes to small, medium, and huge candles. We love candles of all sizes because they are easy to place in any area throughout your home. Add a few small candles in your bathroom area, and your largest in the living room. Dim the lights for a mellow and comfy setting!
  • Add evergreens to your décor. If you don’t like decorating real Christmas trees, add a beautiful wreath to the back wall of your living room, or on your front door. The natural, magical scent is sure to fill your space, and the decoration is an added bonus.
Not sure where to start with your scenting and decorating? We’ll make it easy for you! Our Camille Rose Marcona Marnier collection is the “essence” of home! Including an all-natural household cleaner and aromatic candle, this collection is sure to fill your home with lots of love and holiday cheer. This is by far one of Janell’s favorites. “My favorite scent during this time of year is Marcona Marnier! It fills my home with the sweet smell of toasted almonds drizzled in orange-flavored liqueur. You don't even have to light this candle to enjoy the goodness that it gives off. It’s my instant go to for getting in the holiday spirit!” 

You can purchase the Marcona Marnier Collection, here. Happy holidays – spread the love!