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Cholesterol to Refresh Curls

When your curls are doing everything except what you want them to do, the last thing that comes to mind is adding a cholesterol treatment to your hair regime. In fact, the word cholesterol often brings up negative thoughts when it comes to health for most. We’re often told to limit our cholesterol intake to maintain healthy bodies, but what about when it comes to maintaining healthy hair?

A Closer Look at Cholesterol

While you should avoid eating additional cholesterol as it does not positively contribute to your health or hair in any way, topical cholesterol treatments for your hair helps to repair, restore, and strengthen your strands. Cholesterol treatments include lipids, or fats, that help to feed and nourish your hair. It’s is also packed with vitamins and nutrients that quench your hair’s thirst to restore moisture and eliminate dehydration from wearing traumatizing styles or poor maintenance. It is an excellent addition to a healthy hair care routine as it deep conditions your hair to renew it from chemicals, over processing, and heat, and it provides a natural shine, body, and bounciness for a salon-finished look.

Not Your Typical Cholesterol Treatment

In our newest addition to the 'Around the World Collection', we’ve curated a decadent mixture in our Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment to nourish stands from root to tip. Our new carefully blended gourmet blend works to revitalize each follicle of hair, bringing brittle, lifeless, textured tresses back to life! Not to mention, we’ve added an Omega 3-6-9 blend full of Buritti oil, one of the richest sources of Beta Carotene, Vitamins C and E. It also has a blast of healthy antioxidants to renew the smoothness to your ‘locks and protect your hair from potential harm.

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