Camille's Corner Hangs Out With Camille Rosette Tyiece Dishing on Hair, Being an Influencer and More

Camille's Corner Hangs Out With Camille Rosette Tyiece Dishing on Hair, Being an Influencer and More
Tyiece Jermaine is the 28-year Caribbean curl gawd who has always been passionate about having healthy hair. This passion has inspired her to help women around the world master the art of haircare with her online videos and online blogs. The platform she has created has taught others how to love and accept themselves during their process of hair growth and the curl journey.

 We wanted to know more about Tyiece, so we sat down to listen to her advice for our Rosettes. We were also able to discuss her favorite products, and what she loves most about being an influencer. Join us in our journey in getting to know Tyiece and how she does what she does. 

How did you start your beauty journey?
This all started when I left high school and became so frustrated with having short unhealthy hair, I knew I wanted healthier and longer hair but didn’t know how to achieve it. After doing a lot of research, I stumbled upon a few hair care forums in 2011. I learned a lot and decided to start my own hair journey. As a result, my hair became the healthiest it has ever been.

Your hair and skin are flawless, what tips can you offer readers?
Thank you! I would say develop a simple routine that caters to your hair type or skin type and be consistent. Also, take care of your overall health and emotional well-being by staying hydrated while decreasing stress as much as possible.

What are your favorite CR products?
Omg, my favorite Camille Rose products are the Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, Cocoa Melange deep conditioner, Sweet Ginger shampoo, and Curlaide hair butter. All of these products do such a great job of helping me retain moisture, which is my top priority when it comes to choosing hair products.

What inspires you?
For inspiration, being near the ocean alone inspires me and makes me feel so invincible. It is a must for my self-care routine. I also love to see other people achieving some sort of success. I get so happy and make me want to jump up and get my own success too.

What are your favorite aspects of being an influencer? 
Nothing surpasses the love and appreciation I receive from my audience! I love to know I’m being of value to my community and I’m providing them with valuable content. It makes me so happy to hear them come back and thank me for helping them with their hair journey. It still feels like a dream sometimes to know I’m making such a huge impact online.

We loved getting to know Tyiece and how much she enjoys what she does. Her consistency, the quality of products she uses, and the joy she gains sharing her stories with other people have made for a wonderful Q & A. We encourage our Rosettes to check out her vids and some of her favorite Camille Rose products over the holidays!

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