Camille Rose Spring Sale

Camille Rose Spring Sale

The big moment is here!

We are proud to announce our sitewide Spring Sale from April 21-22 on all of our products. During this 48-hour flash sale, everything in the Camille Rose online store will be available for $10 and under while supplies last. Customers will also have the unique opportunity to customize their own Camille Rose hair treatment product as a part of this sale.

This rare company-wide sale was the brainchild of Camille Rose CEO Janell Stephens who wanted to create an experience that would celebrate the loyal Camille Rose consumer, affectionately referred to as Rosettes. Rosettes who signed up for our Camille Rose Newsletter were able to get early access to the spring sale discounts. Don't want to miss future exclusive discounts and sales? You can sign up for the Camille Rose Newsletter here.

“You can trust Camille Rose to source ingredients with integrity, mix with a pinch of love, and to always consider your total health and wellness,” says Janell.

Why wait until you see the Camille Rose Team at a hair expo to take in these steep discounts when you can get them here now!


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