Camille Rose 2020 Year in Review: Beauty & Culture Trends We Loved

Camille Rose 2020 Year in Review: Beauty & Culture Trends We Loved
Hey Rosettes…we made it! This year has been nothing short of stressful and rough from start to finish, and it has completely changed the way the world operates, and how we interact with one another. We fought systemic racism back, COVID-19 has forced us to love ourselves and our loved ones in ways we could have never imagined – through distance, and the internet has allowed us to stay connected virtually. Despite all of the hardships thrown our way, the Rosette community still managed to keep their heads up high and have a successful year. Let’s look back on the year 2020 and highlight our wins, and anticipate what’s to come in 2021.

Allure’s Best Hair Products of 2020
Camille Rose Naturals was mentioned in Allure a few times this year, but the biggest achievement was being recognized for one of our fav’ products, Almond Jai Twisting Butter, in September! Our twisting butter is excellent for nailing that perfect twist-out and has been helping our Rosettes keep it really cute and hydrated during quarantine. 

New product releases
Camille Rose released some quality products this year that are absolute must-haves for 2021! The New Honey Collection is complete with hydrating blends to sweeten any routine with honey and nettle root. Our Face Collection is crafted to free your skin from blemishes, spotting, and blackheads – giving your skin that healthy glow that everyone wants. We also added a new addition to our Signature Collection – the Strength Restorative Deep Conditioner is infused with Ucuuba and Ghee Butter, penetrating the strands with moisture that softens the hair from your roots to their ends. Our Mint Condition Braid & Spray and our Glazed Sake Whipped Butter Cream and more are some of our bomb products we shared this year. Check out our website to grab and try some of these – you definitely don’t want to miss out. We’re taking hair and skin care to a whole different level in 2021!

Our favorite celeb Rosettes shouted us out all year long
We received a ton of love on the ‘Gram this year! Some of our favorite celebs and fellow Rosettes stopped by to share their routines and what makes their curls POP. We love to see how they’ve crafted their routines using CR products – check out their posts below.

Jordan’s slick curly pony routine 
Jordan Woods showed her fans how she effortlessly slicks her curly hair into a ponytail with Curl Love Moisture Milk and a little Rejuva Drops Grow Back. Our Curl Love Moisture is infused with Rice Milk, Macadamia Seed Oil, and Slippery Elm Bark. These moisturizing and fortifying benefits, juice droplets of rose hips and aloe are blended with green tea extract and together whisked in this everyday milk-cream mixture. Jordan slayed this look and we were so thrilled that our products helped her achieve her desired style.  

Tia’s mid-day curl refresh 
Tia Mowry curly glam, her hair care regime and why she loves to use our new products. She showed us how she used the Rejuva Drops Grow Back Serum to stimulate her edges, Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth to help her grow, and Curl Maker to hold her styles. The result was priceless, those curls were healthy and sis was vibrant and poppin’, okay!

Rasheeda’s evening growth and restore routine
Rasheeda Frost walked us through her nighttime growth routine using two of our fan-favorites: Rejuva Drops and Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum. This pair is perfect for stimulating growth, hydration, and protecting your styles. Rasheed’s hair length was on point, and her hair looked hydrated and healthy. We loved hearing her routine and watching her success story in action.

We were able to experience many blessings this year, despite the hardships we continue to encounter. Making Allure’s list for best hair care products, releasing new Camille Rose products, and watching the success stories of some of our favorite celebrities has helped make this year more enjoyable. Our self-care routines are always important, no matter what climate we find ourselves in, so before this year ends, create a routine that allows you to fall in love with your hair, your skin, and your internal yourself. We’re looking forward to a better year in 2021, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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