Beauty and Wellness as Mental Health Maintenance

Beauty and Wellness as Mental Health Maintenance
The world has undoubtedly experienced a lot this past year, and taking care of our health has become one of our top priorities. This month, we’re celebrating World Mental Health Day, a time to reflect on and acknowledge global mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma. This day also serves as an important reminder to take care of yourselves and to check in on our loved ones. 

This holiday was first observed on October 10th, in 1992 with the World Federation’s, and its purpose was to promote mental health advocacy, educating the word on the relevant issues surrounding the matter. Mental health awareness is also applying the best practices to your life to better your mood. We can observe this day by discussing how wellness and beauty can contribute to a healthy state of mind. 

Oxford Language has defined self-care as the "practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health”. Beauty and wellness are much more than vanity. They offer an opportunity to improve moods and maintain mental health. Self-care routines focused on things factors involving skincare, sleep routines, skincare, and beauty that can help others feel happier and healthier. These habits do more than enhance your perceived appearance - it also enhances the positive feelings you feel toward yourself. There are so many positive effects of being in control of your daily routines. Studies have shown that there can be a correlation between how we feel on the inside, and what we look like. 

A great example of self-care is from McLaren Port Huron, an organization that created the Beauty & Healing Program, designed for women who are undergoing cancer treatment. These monthly workshops were designed to educate women on how to address hair loss and skin changes related to treatment. This program allows women who are experiencing this sickness, or other sicknesses to find beauty in their health and in themselves.*

This organization isn’t the only one practicing self-care through beauty. Pop Sugar conducted an interview, “4 Women — From Sarah Hyland to Renée Rouleau — Share How They Heal Through Beauty”, and listening to their stories is important. This piece follows four different women who find themselves coping with mental illness and stress. It discusses the role wellness & beauty has played in their healing process and its impact. It’s as simple as establishing a healthy self-care routine in the morning before you start your day or at night before going to bed. This can increase the positive feelings you feel about yourself which can improve your overall mood. Looking your best is not only great for making you feel better but also a great start to a beautiful cycle. Feeling your best radiates through your skin, your smile, and your confidence. 

How we feel about ourselves can be correlated to how we choose to present ourselves. Small things can go along way when taking care of yourself, like applying your favorite mask once or twice a week or moisturizing your skin with your favorite brands. 

Take your time this week to slow down. Enjoy this self-care holiday by doing something that makes you feel great! 

* Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this program has been on hold since March 2020.

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