All You Need to Know About Skincare This Fall

All You Need to Know About Skincare This Fall
Tis the (fall) season! We’ve been packing away our summer dresses, tanks, and shorts, to throw on our knit sweaters, super cute leggings, and knee-high boots. Along with packing away our summer wardrobe, we’re doing the same with our summer skincare regime. This cool, brisk weather is calling for hydrating body cleansers, moisturizing creams, and lots of TLC! We’ve got seven great tips to keep your skin glowing, even with the change in weather.

Keep your routine simple
Don’t over think your fall skincare routine. The weather may become a bit dry, so keep it simple by including moisturizing products. An easy routine to stick to (at all times of the year!) is following our FACE garden-inspired skincare line. The Clay Moisture Mask will certainly keep your skin fresh and hydrated as the air outside gets a bit brisker.

Use aloe to soothe skin
Many people tend to have sensitive reactions as the weather continues to shift, so it’s important to coat the skin with thicker creams or pure aloe to build against sensitive reactions. Not sure where to find pure aloe? Aloe-based products such as our Light Affect Daily Brightening Moisture Dew will work just as well.

Invest in a humidifier
Humidifiers are perfect for the fall, or any other season throughout the year. They help your skin retain its moisture level, and they also help your body’s overall hydration.

Think 24/7 moisture
Creams and thicker oils are your friends as the temperature continues to drop. They also help to protect against environmental changes. We love the rosemary blended into our Ginger Vanilla Whipped Butter Cream, which helps reduce any swelling or puffiness to the skin.

Consume vitamins
Adding vitamins and minerals to your diet will create another level of hair and skin protection. Our vegan SuperFoods vitamin contains vitamins A, E, and Folic Acid which not only aids in hair growth and retention, they also moisturize the skin and help to maintain its natural beauty.

Drink lots of water
This is a mandatory tip, along with minding your business. The more water you drink regularly, the fewer lines and wrinkles you’ll see on your skin.

Don’t forget your sunscreen!
UV rays are present, even during months with the sun isn’t as bright. Keep your skin protected year-round with this simple and easy step.

How do you switch up your skincare routine? Follow us on IG @camillerosenaturals and let us know when you’ve added our FACE line to your daily steps. Tag us using #FACECamilleRose!
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