After Quarantine Revive Yourself With These Tropical Getaways

After Quarantine Revive Yourself With These Tropical Getaways
If you’re anything like us, the COVID - 19 epidemic has you shook and hopefully staying home for the time being. While we shelter in place, we can’t help but think of all the many activities we’re going to get into once we’re in the clear, including a few trips around the world! While it’s definitely recommended to stay in your home city, it’s perfectly fine to plan and dream. We’re thinking, tropical, warm, and scenic in the (hopefully) near future! Here’s our top desired destinations to hit once the pandemic passes and it’s safe to travel.

Montego Bay, Jamaica
Ya ‘mon! Montego Bay is on the north coast of Jamaica and is the capital of
Saint James Parish. It’s a no-brainer that Jamaica is a destination of choice – it’s absolutely beautiful! Montego Bay is known for its touristy flare, duty-free shopping, gorgeous beaches, and simply put, a good time. There are plenty of resorts to choose from – so you decide if you want a party experience or something more low-key. Martha Brae River rafting is at the top of our activities list – we plan to relax, float, and take lots of bomb photos from the ‘gram!

Paris, France
With the possibility of a huge pause on life again (I mean, after this quarantine scenario, anything seems to be possible) there’s absolutely no way we can pass up the “City of Love.”France’s capital and most populous city, Paris has so many fun and monumental attractions. The jazz clubs, chocolates, pastries, and cheese shops, and cooking classes would be amazing to check out – in quite frankly – another country. And of course, the Eiffel Tower, Arche de Triomphe, and Seine River are must-visits as well.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Ok – how could Hawaii not be on the destination list?! It’s absolutely gorgeous, the weather is warm and perfect, and the city itself looks like a Photoshopped picture from a magazine! Cosmopolitan Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. The world-famous Waikiki Beach is located here, and it also encompasses important U.S. history at Pearl Harbor. With so many natural sites to visit, like Leahi (Diamond Head), and places like the Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu is a must-stop destination. We’ve also always wanted to go to a luau, and we heard the food here is like no other.

While we’re still (safely) sheltering in place, there’s no problem with planning ahead! Where are some places you’re planning to go? These are just three of many places the Camille Rose team and Rosettes would love to travel once it’s safe to move around. Until then, please continue to do your part by staying home, frequently washing your hands, wearing masks when appropriate, and most importantly, taking care of yourself!

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