7 Simple Ways to Give Back This Season

7 Simple Ways to Give Back This Season

Image via Hian Oliveira

Along with the snowy, brightly lit, jingly festivities this season comes a ton of opportunities to leave your community better than it was before. Our CEO and Master Mixtress Janell loves the holidays for a number of reasons including the gift of giving back, and simply giving to put a smile on other’s faces. If you are in the spirit of giving this season and want to see immediate impact, we’ve listed 7 simple, yet awesome ways to make an impact on your community. Whether you give back in big or small ways, every bit helps and makes the community more united and stronger. 

Take it way back and shovel some snow (or leaves)
Do you remember back in the day when you could go door-to-door and make a few dollars cleaning driveways? That’s still a great way to help some of the older members of your community that may need an additional hand around the house. Is cleaning not your forte? Run to the store and pick up the groceries on your neighbor’s shopping list. A little bit of help goes a long way!

Eat organic and shop locally
If you’re helping with any meal preparation for the holidays, try using organic foods and shopping from local grocers. This is an easy and very healthy way to support local farmers that grow sustainable foods.

Less is more. Give a gift to the Earth
There’s always gifts to give around this time of the year, but it increases the amount of resource usage. Use less materials and resources when giving gifts to reduce your pollution contribution. Think of alternate ways to wrap gifts using newspaper or recyclable fabric, or maybe, opt out of wrapping gifts altogether. Shop online, make DIY gifts instead of purchasing, or give experiential gifts – they will last a lifetime!

Puppies need love, too
Stop at your local animal shelter and take a dog on a walk. Just as you will help an animal, in turn, animals may help you with stress reduction. You may not be ready to adopt a pet just yet, but the puppy will appreciate seeing a fresh, new face and getting some fresh air!

Use your professional skills to help job seekers
Stop at a local library or even a homeless shelter to help those looking for new gigs. Use your creativity and writing skills to help them with their resumes or coach them for a potential interview.

Serve a charitable holiday meal
If cooking or baking is your thing, round up a group of your friends for a charity meal, and donate the raised funds to a local charity of your choice. Invite your friends to donate items or funds and deliver what you raise after the partying ends. Cheers!

Give the gift of life
A great way to give back is by providing to those in need of blood. It doesn’t take long to donate blood, and you could truly make the difference in someone’s health by doing so.

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