5 Ways Rosettes Can Celebrate National Happiness Happens Day

5 Ways Rosettes Can Celebrate National Happiness Happens Day
It’s National Happiness Happens Day! A day dedicated to celebrating all things JOY! This holiday was created by the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999 and was often referred to as the “Admit You’re Happy Day”. It was inspired by people who wanted to encourage others to be expressive about their happiness and to share it with others. Celebrating National Happiness Day during this particular time may feel like a hard thing to do, which is why we chose to talk about it with our Rosettes today. 2020 has been extremely rough and unkind to a lot of us. Dealing with the current pandemic and any of the other curveballs thrown our way has made the start of this year...messy. Here are a few ways to truly find happiness during such trying times. 

Balance your resting periods with physical exercise
Finding a balance between resting and physical activities can greatly increase your dopamine levels. 7 – 8 hours of sleep is the sweet spot! It’s been scientifically proven that getting the proper amount of rest can influence our emotional and physical state. Despite being locked inside, during this worldwide pandemic, we need to strike a balance between rest and intentional movement. Regular exercise is great for reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and even an onslaught of depression while boosting self-esteem. Track your sleep schedule and your workouts, and adjust to them however you see fit. The key here is avoiding oversleeping and overexertion. And remember to be kind to yourself! 

Give Thanks & Be Kind to Others 
Gratitude is a huge factor in overall happiness. It can be easy to null over all of the things that make you sad but acknowledging the things you are grateful for will ensure that your blessings never cease. Case studies show that practicing gratitude can positively affect your mood, inspiring feelings of hope and happiness. Being kind to others can also help you feel more at peace with yourself. Giving a sincere compliment to someone at work or helping a stranger complete a task can help you feel more satisfied.

Clean and Reorganize
Reorganizing and cleansing your space may feel like a tedious project but setting aside an ample amount of time (weekly or biweekly) can have a great impact. Your space is often a reflection of how you feel internally, so external cleansing will definitely impact your mood, positively.  

 Acknowledge your lows
A positive attitude is a stellar trait, but bad things happen to everyone. It’s life. If you encounter some bad news, fail at something important to you, or just having an off day, don’t pretend that you’re happy. Acknowledge your feelings, honor them, and experience your moment fully. When you’re done, shift your focus towards the reason you’ve felt this way and what might need to be done to recover from it. No one is happy 100% of the time – live in the moment and remember to take care of you once the difficult moment is over.

Meditate and journal
Deep breathing exercises relieve stress and force you to be one with the moment. It can also help with relieving anxiety and gaining control over your thoughts. Mediation is a peaceful practice, designed to align you with your higher self. If you’re unsure of where to start, there are tons of mediation apps, podcasts, and YouTube channels designed to help you with your practice. Identify what your needs are and research what kind of mediating will be best for you. 

Journaling helps to gain control over your thoughts. You can analyze your true feelings or make plans for the future. This form of expression is personal, just for you.

 We hope you find your happiness and that these tips helped contribute!

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