5 Times Our Mini Rosettes Showed Up & Showed Out

5 Times Our Mini Rosettes Showed Up & Showed Out
Wow, can you believe we made it to July?! With the summer heat in full effect, we love to see our beautiful Rosettes get creative with their curly-haired styles using Camille Rose products. But what's even better is seeing our mini Rosettes following their parents' natural hair footsteps! Every day, Rosettes are challenged with styling their babies' hair, which involves brushing, detangling, and styling. Our product line, the Kids Collection, was uniquely crafted for our babies using the finest, freshest ingredients to make any style pop. Check out some of our favorite moments where our mini Rosettes showed up and showed out with their natural hairstyles using the Mandarin Collection line.

Mini Rosette, Leilani Hightower
We love how mini Rosette Leilani and her mommy took her baby curls to another level with her "home salon"! Leilani's baby curls were transformed with our Camille Rose Sweet Puddin', a smooth blend of vitamin-rich buttercream, aloe, and fruit oils that moisturizes and conditions delicate strands." We watched the Black Girl Magic work in this clip when Leilani's curls coiled into smooth, baby Bantu knots. We adore a baby slay!

Natasha and Shauma Gooden
Mommy and daughter duo, Natasha, and five-year-old Shauma are well known for their YouTube channel, "My Curly Girls and Me." In this cute clip, Natasha walks us through her wash and go tutorial routine with Shauma using the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk, and the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker. The Camille Rose Naturals Love Moisture Milk is a sweet, nourishing combo of rice milk, vanilla, and macadamia nut that softens and moisturizes your hair. This sweet-smelling leave-in conditioner paired with our Camille Rose Naturals Curls Maker is revitalizing, winning combo for natural curls – even our minis!

Lyric and Callie's Runway Debut on "The Real"
Camille Rose was featured on The Real's Curls at Play Runway during Mother's Day, and our mini Rosettes indeed shut the runway down! They rocked our Brown Butter Melt and Sundae Glaze products that are perfect for making the detangling and styling process easier for babies and tots. The sweet coconut and mango in Brown Butter Melt paired with our Sundae Glaze is just what you need for babies that are somewhat tender-headed.

Kennedi Ferguson
Our adorable mini Rosette, Kennedi Ferguson, reviewed and demoed our Mandarin Collection on her YouTube channel – and my goodness, she is super sweet! In her video, Kennedi shares her hair care process with us and talks to us through some of the Camille Rose products she used from the collection. She loved that the group literally smells like delicious food! Her mom walks us through, step by step, sharing her tips on how she keeps Kennedi glammed. The key to Kennedi's great curls – her mom used a fantastic deep conditioning cap to infuse the Mandarin Collection into her locks. We love to see our adorable minis thriving!

This mini Rosette and her mom try out our Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse, The Moroccan Pear Condition Custard, and the Algae Renew Deep Conditioner. Drew is patient and sweet, enjoying the comfort of being pampered by her mommy with our shampoo and conditioning products. It was beautiful to see Drew's curls flourish, and her and mommy bonding over haircare. We love our mini Rosettes because, just like their parents, they are confident and rock their curls like a pro!

We love that our products are gentle enough for anybody – including our babies and mini Rosettes. Take this upcoming weekend to pamper yourself – and your minis – with some self-care – enjoy a gentle wash and a deep condition with some of your favorite Camille Rose products, and a long nap, too!

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