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5 Reasons Honey Might Be the Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

With Mother's Day right around the corner, now is the time to treat the special lady in your life to the gift of honey for smooth and luminous skin, and healthy hair. One of the simplest, yet effective ingredient to protect some of our most beautiful bodily assets is directly from Mother Nature (and bees): HONEY! This nutrient-dense ingredient is essential for optimal health and can be not only consumed but applied directly to your body for skin absorption. It contains antioxidants and is amazing for acne fading and treatment. If you’re not convinced honey should be added into your weekly – or even daily routine, here are 5 more amazing benefits and ways to use honey on your skin and hair (and ways to avoid eating it to keep your calorie-count low! ☺):
We have hand-crafted some of the most sweet and decadent honey recipes in our beauty kitchen that are sure to end dry and dull skin and hair for good!
Check out these 5 wonderful ways honey should be the center of your
Mother's Day gift this year!

  1. Honey cleanses and treats dry skin. Honey is great to combat dry, flaky skin. It’s natural antibacterial properties provides a deep cleanse and helps remove dirt and grime. It even restores your body’s natural moisture level without stripping it of its natural oils. Ready to get that deep cleanse, spa-like honey treatment? Try our Orange Honey Bath Elixir – it smells so sweet and the lather is miraculous!

  2. It softens chapped lips.Is it just me, or does your lips feel like Edward Scissorhands visited your face on a cold winter’s night?! Just a smooth coat over your lips morning and/ or night will solve your choppy problems.

  3. Honey promotes hair growth. Honey’s texture and thickness may protect and strengthen your locks by adding excellent moisture, which in turn will have you feeling like Solange on her album cover – yas, Queen. FYI, we’ve already carefully crafted the magic for you. Check out our Cocoa Nibs & Honey – Ultimate Growth Serum for the length flourish.

  4. Can’t sleep? Honey may help you fall asleep faster and relieve insomnia. Try a cup of warm (naturally caffeine-free) tea with a few drops of honey to soothe your nighttime woes away.

  5. Got dandruff? Honey will fix that, too. Our Honey Hydrate from the Leave-In Collection may do the trick for ya. See for yourself! 

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