4 Self Care Tips To Celebrate National Relaxation Day

4 Self Care Tips To Celebrate National Relaxation Day
Hey, Rosettes! This weekend is all about relaxation. August 15th is National Relaxation Day and it’s meant for you to take a break! Sean Moeller was in fourth grade when we came up with this brilliant holiday in 1985 and we have been thanking him for it ever since. This holiday is an important reminder to take a break from our busy lives and focus on our wellbeing. Taking time off to recuperate will help our tired bodies and minds steer clear of the many health risks too much stress can cause. Too much work can literally make us sick, so for this National Relaxation Day, we’re giving our Rosettes tips on how to chill.  

Tip #1: Deep breathing
The University of Michigan’s article on “Stress Management: Relaxing Your Mind and Body” discusses different ways on how we can manage our stress through relaxation. They tell us that “Being relaxed can help ease stress, relieve anxiety, depression, and sleep problems.”  We can start this holiday off by taking a deep, cleansing breath to keep your stress levels low. Deep breaths are very calming to the body as well. They’re the cornerstone of relaxation practices and work great for clearing the mind and gaining clarity. 

Tip #2 Stretch, meditate, or yoga
Stretching is an awesome way to practice deep breathing exercises that will release built-up tension. It’s a simple stress reliever but if you’re feeling super motivated you can even incorporate mediation or yoga into your stretch sessions. Stretching, meditating, and yoga are great for releasing anxiety in the body and the mind. There are many guided mindfulness apps that include these elements to decompress. Do a quick search to find what combination of this trio will work best for bringing you, your sense of peace. 

Tip #3 Go for a walk
Walking calms your mind and focuses your attention on your surroundings. Spending time outdoors in the sun has many positive effects on your mental health and is a great stress reliever. Getting some sun also provides a healthy dose of Vitamin D.  Studies have shown that the benefits from walks can last up to several hours after enjoying a stroll. One of the keys to relaxation includes doing an activity that not only reduces stress but also increases happiness. So, take a break from work a few times throughout the week and get some fresh air. 

Tip #4 Create space
With so many factors contributing to stressors in our lives, having a safe space to go home is imperative. This space should be a place where you can relax and unwind. Create it to fit your personality by adding your favorite aesthetics. Coloring books, crystals, candles, or your favorite novel are all things that can help make your space your own. Make your special place cozy! Add a comfy chair, a fluffy rug, or any other relaxing furniture that will help you set a relaxing mood. 

Tip #4 Get a Massage
Get a massage, Rosettes! It’s okay to spoil yourself from time to time. According to the University of Michigan, massage therapy helps with releasing tension in the muscles, relieves anxiety, increases energy levels, and makes it easier to sleep. If you are looking for a special activity to do on National Relaxation Day, treat yourself to a wonderful massage at a great reviewed spa!

There are so many ways to treat yourself kindly on this special holiday. Whatever you choose to do, remember to take it easy and release some stress. Be kind to yourself on a daily basis. Your body (especially your hair!) will thank you for it.

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