4 Naturalistas To Watch For The Best Natural Hair Care Tips

4 Naturalistas To Watch For The Best Natural Hair Care Tips

While your natural hair journey is unique to you, it's best traveled with your curl-friends. Camille's Corner scrolled through some of our favorite Rosette influencer's pages to offer you some much-needed hair and inspiration.Check out our favorite naturalistas for Rosettes of all ages!

Camille Rose Natural Hair Romance Cox @HeyCurlie
Cleveland-based blogger Romance Cox knows how to serve glitz, glam, and a ton of curl love. Through her energetic and classy style, she is known for creating awesome how-to tutorials on her hair journey, wash and styling routine, and fun hairstyles that will certainly make any look pop! (Image via Kamron Kahn Photography.) 

Camille Rose Jaleesa Charise @JaleesaCharisse
Jaleesa Charisse serves all things beauty.She’s known for her 4C hair - styling, and we love the different hair textures she displays through styles like twist - outs, fro - hawks, and wash-n-gos. We were big fans of her using the Camille Rose Lavender Spritzer, which kept her hair soft, fresh, and curls locked in! Her beautiful, dewy skin makes a great canvas for the latest makeup trends. We hope to see you rockin’ the Camille Rose FACE Collection soon! (Image via Instagram.)

Camille Rose Bubs Bee @_bubsbee
We love our girl @_bubsbee’s social media content because she knows how to take everyday styles like a twist - outs to a whole new, hydrated level.She recently tried our FULL Lavender Collection to achieve an amazing braid out and it left her hair moisturized and defined! Her sultriness shines through when styling her 4C hair, and she isn’t afraid to create unique up-dos with a touch of her personal style.(Image via Instagram)

Camille Rose Kyra Milan @kyra_milan
This 7 - year-old deep conditioning influencer is putting on for all the hair enthusiasts under 12 years old. She creates fun hairstyles for grade school naturalistas and even features some of her friends on her hair tutorial posts! We’d love to see you rock the Camille Rose Mandarin Collection for kids, Kyra! (Image via Instagram.)

Ready to be recognized as one of our favorite enthusiasts? Show us how you use your favorite Camille Rose Collections in your daily routines! Grab your Camille Rose products here and tag us on your next post!


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