3 Ways to Still Be YOU While You’re at Home

3 Ways to Still Be YOU While You’re at Home
“Stay at home.” This is the phrase we’ve been hearing for, depending where you live, possibly the entire start of 2020 up until now. The world is in an unfortunate and uncertain pandemic, and the safest place we’ve learned to go is inside our own homes. If you actually have shelter, congratulations you’re blessed to be able to master the first step of slowing down the spread of the COVID – 19 virus.

While at home, many people across the world are either using their new bank of time at home to be entertaining, productive, or both. Some are easily adapting to life indoors, while others are struggling to come to terms with what is going on with the world today. To help the indoor transition be a bit more easy and beneficial, here are three tips for you to use your time wisely.

Read a book that’s not on the internet
One thing is for certain – reading will never go out of style. But with the many smart phones and tech devices out there, it is no surprise that picking up a physical book isn’t as popular as it once was. A 2018 study conducted by Pew Research Center said 24 percent of American adults say they have not read a book — in any form, electronic or paperback. Reading not only strengthens the brain – it also can reduce stress, build your vocabulary, aid in sleep, prevent cognitive decline, and so much more! So, while you’re at home trying to figure out what to do next, dust off an old book and get lost in the story.

Keep your body moving
One of the biggest misconceptions of staying at home during the quarantine is that working out will become a thing of the past. Wrong! Exercising resources seem to have become even more available than before. Thousands of gyms, like Planet Fitness worldwide are posting free indoor exercises to burn calories and get your body moving. Many fitness trainers are also posting daily workouts on social media to get your muscles pumping. Best of all, a lot of the workouts are curates specifically to complete at home, and they don’t require anything except your body weight! For those of us who are more of the twerking and dancing type, Camille Rose Founder Janell Stephens teamed up with DJ @TraciSteele during weekly Instagram live streams to keep you vibing from the comfort of your homes! No matter how you decide to move, just make sure you come out of this time to physically become your best self!

Refresh the space around you
It’s no surprise that that our environment plays an immense role in how we feel and what we think. While the external world can feel a bit overwhelming right now, find solace in rejuvenating the space around you to relieve stress and anxiety. While it may not be obvious, now is an opportunity to refresh – your home cleaning, your attitude, your organization, and more.

Refresh your home with a deep clean wash your floors, counter-tops, dishes, and furniture. With germs spreading fast, it’s important to keep the area around you clean and sanitized.

Refresh your attitude, now! Think about the many gifts and blessings you have rather than what you don’t have. If you’re down because school is out or you have to work from home – try to be grateful that you are still enrolled in school, or that you have employment. Many people around you have lost both within the last few weeks. Be mindful to those that have lost loved ones or their well-being due to the pandemic, and instead of getting down on yourself, think about how you can help.

Revive your space If you caught our recent Self Care Sunday during our live stream with Celebrity Event Planner Courtney Ajinca, then you know she introduced us all to the marvelous world of floral decoration and the power of plants. While plants are great for home décor, they also are a great source of oxygen, can help boost mood, and clean indoor air by absorbing toxins.

Re-organize a project, such as your bedroom or living room  Move the couches around, change your bed sheets, or even go outside and plant flowers. Organization helps to create a clean space and a clear mind.

You’ve probably never experienced a pandemic before, so we understand the many changes and challenges this time has presented. Take this time indoors to be as productive as possible, so that when we are able to safely hang out in groups or large crowds, we’ll be back to being our best, outdoor selves. Stay safe, stay productive, and stay home!

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