10 Amazon Beauty Gifts All Rosettes Need Right Now

10 Amazon Beauty Gifts All Rosettes Need Right Now
The holiday season is here, and we’re ready to buy gifts for our favorite people! We know this holiday season may be different from the last, but we can still show up and show out with an abundance of love, care, and a few special gifts. Don’t know what gift to give your friends and family? Here’s 10 awesome beauty products that go great with any Camille Rose product.

Facial Steamers 
Facial Steamers are the perfect gift for those focused on getting their skincare routine right! Steamers open up your pores and cleanse, allowing the skin care products you’re using to do the job. The Face Collection is the perfect pair for setting in this skincare routine. These products are designed to clear, clean, freshen, and tone the skin.

Hair Steamers
This product is great for hair saturation and could work well with our Lavender Collection. This haircare collection is excellent for the coily-haired Rosettes, and hair steamers are an added luxury.

Hair Braiding Tools for the Mini Rosettes
This cool tool is perfect for giving your baby girls a few fun, cute, styles. You can use this French braiding tool after shampoo and conditioning with our Mandarin Kids Collection. This set is for babies of all hair types and works extremely well when trying to manage their hair while keeping it healthy.

Bath Robe Sets
This is one of the coziest gifts anyone could give. A fluffy bathrobe and some Body Butter & Souffle would make anyone’s holiday. Camille Rose’s Body Butter & Souffle includes products like Cupuaca Sweet Cream, Organic Honey Bath Elixir, and Cane and Sugar Balm. These scrubs and creams are great for moisturizing and removing dead skin cells.

Candles Holders 
For the friends that are into candles and aesthetics, candle holders may just be their things. You can use Camille Rose candles to place them in. These Soy-Based products are aromatherapy in a jar. The Fresh Va-Jahna and 3rd of Bourbon and great holiday gifts for anyone who is interested in candles, and can relate to these lovely scents.

Timed Water Bottles 
For those who love to hydrate and stay on top of their health, these bottles will make the perfect gift. You can pair this with our supplements and hair growth products. These two combos are the perfect gifts to show you care!

Scalp Massagers 
For the hair gurus or natural newbies, this gift is the perfect tool for relaxing the scalp. It never hurts to give the scalp a little extra loving. You can pair this with the Coconut Water Collection.

Detangling Brushes
This brush works well with all hair types, making it easier to remove tangles. Gifting this product to a loved one who cares for their hair shows attention to detail. Pairing this with the Around the World Collection  is great for catering to the needs of kinky hair textures.

Spray Bottles 
Spray bottles are great for one the go styles, and or a quick replenish. Pairing this gift with Camille Rose Hair Oils will make for the perfect hair hydration kit.

These 10 Amazon Beauty Gifts are great additions to your holiday list. Your friends, and family will definitely be utilizing these products every day and enhancing their lifestyles with every use. 

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