Coconut Water Curl Cleanse
Coconut Water Curl Cleanse
Coconut Water Curl Cleanse
Coconut Water Curl Cleanse

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Cleanse Gently

Fortify with Ease

Maximize your Moisture

Camille Rose Coconut Water Curl Cleanse is packed with conscious, gentle, plant-based ingredients that rejuvenate your tresses (rather than stress them out).

Rosemary oil and castor oil work together to encourage a healthy scalp and stronger hair by reducing inflammation, reinforcing hair follicles, and sealing breakage from root to end.

Why not hydrate while you cleanse? Give your conditioner a boost with a shampoo made with a moisturizing blend of coconut water and beneficial plant oils.

We have answers!


From coconut shampoo cleansers to deep conditioning masks, Camille Rose is your source for conscious healthy hair care products that really work. Learn more about what goes into our Coconut Water Curl Cleanse with our mini-FAQ below.

Can I use Camille Rose Coconut Water Curl Cleanse with my hair type?

Yes—we designed our Coconut Water Curl Cleanse to work with every sort of hair type, textures, and porosities. Simply hop in the shower, drench your hair, massage it in, and rinse! Those with thicker textures should section out their curly hair prior to washing to ensure that each individual strand enjoys equal application.

Does Camille Rose Coconut Water Curl Cleanse contain sulfates?

Definitely not. We never use potentially harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or phthalates in our products. Our founder and CEO Janell Stephens started Camille Rose out of a desire for better, safer products to use on her own children’s hair—it’s a mission we remain proud to uphold.

Why is coconut good for hair?

As anyone who’s ever had a sip of coconut water can attest, it’s a fantastic hydrator. Aside from the moisture benefits, coconut water and coconut oil contain emollient fatty acids and fortifying vitamin K and iron to strengthen and soften healthy hair starting at the scalp. Shop our coconut water hair coating treatment for even more benefits.