Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment
Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment
Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment

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Intense Infusion

Shiny Softness

Nourishing Nutrients

Restore vitality to tired locks with a deeply moisturizing blend of botanical butters and oud oil.

Emollient castor seed, coconut, and jojoba oil work together with humectant honey to leave hair soft, supple, and stunningly shiny.

Antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids abound in this restorative, revitalizing formula for your hair and scalp.

We have answers!


Camille Rose is your source for clean, conscious self-care solutions. Learn more about our revitalizing Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment with this short FAQ, and discover how the Camille Rose hair oil collection can help transform your hair for the better.

Is Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment safe to use on dry/damaged/color-treated hair?

Absolutely—we formulated our Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment specifically to address dry, damaged hair. If you’re looking to build your hair’s strength and resilience, seal split ends, repair breakage, stop shedding, and improve texture, slip, and shine, Camille Rose Oid Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment is the solution you need.

Does Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment contain any harsh chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, or parabens?

No—Camille Rose products never contain potentially hazardous or harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. We’re dedicated to creating clean, conscious natural hair care products that support our customers’ overall well-being. Why? 

It’s the vision our CEO Janell Stephens was chasing when she founded Camille Rose in 2011, and we haven’t lost sight of it since.

How can I enhance the effects of Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment?

If you’d like to intensify the effects of our Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment, simply leave the treatment on for longer, cover your hair with a plastic cap, and apply heat (using something as simple as a hot towel or a microwaveable bonnet cap). 

This process opens up the hair cuticle, allowing our nourishing blend of oils and butters to further penetrate each strand to the core.