Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil
Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil
Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil

Why you'll love it

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Deep, Penetrating Nourishment

Soft, Luxurious Shine

Rich, Enchanting Aroma

Go past the surface-level to deliver essential nutrients and intense moisture to the core of every strand and make dryness a problem of the past.

Turn heads with lustrous, shiny locks, courtesy of conditioning olive, jojoba, and coconut oils.

In addition to its humectant and antioxidant properties, oud imparts a sensuously sweet and woodsy smell to this indulgent hair oil.

We have answers!


You deserve to indulge in clean, conscious, and luxurious hair care products from Camille Rose. Considering our Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil? We’ll answer all of your questions so that you can feel completely confident in your new favorite self-care ritual.

Is Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil good for dry hair?

Yes! Our Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil is formulated to deliver deeply penetrating moisture to dry and thirsty hair. Oud oil has long been known for its nourishing, shine-enhancing properties. We blend it with a whole host of other moisturizing, vitamin-rich plant oils and extracts to create a lightweight, hydrating formula that can revitalize even the driest locks.

Does Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil contain any harsh chemical ingredients that may be hazardous to one’s hair or health?

Not at all. Camille Rose CEO Janell Stephens founded our brand with a dedication to clean, conscious, garden-inspired ingredients, and we’re still following her visionary leadership to this day. Whether it's our herbal hair oil or repair hair oil, we will never include harsh or potentially hazardous chemicals like phthalates, parabens, or sulfates in our formulas.

Can I use Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil with other products?

Yes—because our formulas are plant-based, safe, and gentle, you can combine any Camille Rose products into a completely custom hair care routine that’s totally unique to you. In fact, when you practice self-care with Camille Rose, you never have to worry about greasy product build-up, harsh chemicals, or dangerous product interactions.