Latte"The Leave-in Collection"
Latte"The Leave-in Collection"
Latte"The Leave-in Collection"

Why you'll love it

Vitamin-Packed Power

Long-Lasting Moisture

Texture-Friendly Definition

Active ingredients black cumin seed oil and sunflower seed oil are positively packed with essential nutrients that your hair will love.

Our Leave-In collection is built to deliver top-notch moisture that sticks around—layer Latte Define over Honey Hydrate and finish with Green Tea Seal & Soften for next-level hydration.

From wash-and-go’s to twist-outs, use Latte Define Leave-In to enhance your natural texture and add sensational slip and shine for styling ease.

We have answers!


Looking to learn more about our Latte Define Leave-In, or Camille Rose products in general? You’re in the right place—check out this Latte Define mini-FAQ to get your questions answered.

Does Latte Define Leave-In contain sulfates, parabens, or phthalates?

Definitely not—Camille Rose products will never contain hazardous chemicals that could harm your hair or your health. We’re dedicated to creating conscious, clean hair care products that our customers can rely on without worry. In fact, it’s been our mission from the very start (just ask our founder and CEO, Janell Stephens).

Can I use Latte Define Leave-In with other Camille Rose styling products?

Yes, you can! Our Leave-In collection (Honey Hydrate Leave-In, Latte Define Leave-In, and Herbal Tea Leave-In) work sensationally well together as a three-part conditioning routine. 

Alternatively, you can combine any one of them with other Camille Rose cleansers, conditioners, styling products, and hair masks to create a curl-friendly care routine that’s completely unique to your hair type. Since all of our products are made from safe, plant-based ingredients, you never have to worry about harmful interactions.

How do the active ingredients in Latte Define Leave-In work?

Our recipe for Latte Define Leave-In is wonderfully simple—the two main ingredients are black cumin seed oil and sunflower seed oil:

  • Black cumin seed oil contains a bevy of essential vitamins and minerals, including fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and iron. Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, this seed oil can strengthen dry hair and promote a healthier scalp, too.

Sunflower seed oil is a moisturizing, clean conditioner, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. Lightweight and luxurious, it hydrates dry hair without a hint of grease or build-up.