Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir
Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir
Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir
Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir
Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir

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Tropical Moisture

Weightless Shine

Touchable Texture

Spritz on a delightfully hydrating blend of coconut water, fruit extracts, and penetrating seed oils for an instant splash of moisture.

Leaves hair with a lustrous shine without weighing it down with greasy-build-up—our light and airy formula is made to lift you up.

Get healthier, shinier hair that’s easy to detangle and style—it’s well within reach with Camille Rose Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir.

We have answers!


Ready to take your hair care ritual to the next level? We’ve got all the information you need about Camille Rose Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir to bring incredible hydration, shine, and slip to your everyday look.

What are the active ingredients in Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir, and why are they good for hair?

There are three main categories of botanically-sourced active ingredients in our Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir:

  • Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals—it softens and nourishes damaged hair with lightweight, frizz-fighting hydration.
  • Plant extracts sourced from green tea and marshmallow root soothe the scalp, strengthen hair strands, and protect from damage-causing free radicals. 
  • Emollient, moisture-rich flaxseed oil and shea butter condition hair and lend sensational, softening shine.

Shop our coconut water hair products collection for a comprehensive hair care regimen to moisturize and soften you natural locks.

Is Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir good for my unique hair type, texture, and porosity?

We formulated our Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir to provide deep, conditioning hydration to all hair types, textures, and porosities. If you’re searching for more targeted solutions, consider combining a few different Camille Rose products to create a completely custom hair care routine—you can shop by concern and product type on our Collections page.

Does Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir contain harmful chemical additives like sulfates and parabens?

Definitely not. All Camille Rose products are carefully and consciously formulated with gentle, plant-based ingredients that are completely safe for our customers’ hair and health.