Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner
Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner
Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner

Why you'll love it

Strengthen and Protect

Moisturize and Detangle

Condition and Style

Black castor oil and chebe are legendary hair care ingredients to improve hair strength, prevent breakage, and seal split ends.

Coconut oil and jojoba seed oil enhance the moisturizing effects of black castor oil and chebe powder to detangle without breaking hair strands

Achieve any style with our Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner—consciously chosen oils and extracts work closely with humectant glycerin to leave hair soft, shiny, and easy to work with.

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Get all the information you need to promote healthy hair growth and improve hair strength with our Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner.

Is Camille Rose Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner vegan?

Yes! All the ingredients in our chebe and castor oil deep conditioning treatment are consciously-chosen, plant-based, and plant-derived. Our mission is to create healthy hair care products with effective ingredients so you can enjoy the extra benefits of holistic hair care.

Can I use Black Castor Oil + Chebe Deep Conditioner with other Camille Rose products?

Certainly! From our chebe hair deep conditioner to hair refreshing spray, our products are gentle and safe to use together without worry. In fact, we recommend trying out different combinations of related products like our hair butter for natural hair and scalp cleanser until you find your ideal routine and experience noticeable results. All  hair types are wonderfully unique, so we’ve designed our offerings to cater to any individual’s distinct needs, no matter their hair texture or type.

Do Camille Rose products contain sulfates, parabens and/or phthalates?

Definitely not! We avoid adding ingredients into our products that may harm your hair strands or your health.

What is chebe, and where does it come from?

Chebe is a powder derived from the seed of the Croton plant. Chebe’s been used for thousands of years as a medicine and cosmetic, perhaps most notably by the women of Chad whose striking and iconic waist-length braids are maintained through a dedicated Chébé ritual.