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Ginger Vanilla Whipped Buttercream

Ginger Vanilla Whipped Buttercream

$ 12.00
Lavish your body with our creamy butter. For a continuous glow, use daily. ($12.00/ 4OZ) 
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How To Apply:

Lavish your body with our creamy butter. For a continuous glow, use daily.


Unrefined shea butter nibs, coconut kernels, aloe vera, distilled water, rosemary and lavender extracts, btms, optiphen, scent and LOVE!


4 oz

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Customer Reviews

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Joyce Rogers
Whipped Butter

At first I didn’t think I would like the vanilla ginger but it actually smells really good. The only complaint I have is that when I receive my package, it was a little greasy on the on the outside of the jars. It wasn’t very clean and the labels were missing. Maybe the product needs some kind of seal over-the-top before you put the lid on because the butter made the jar is greasy other than that it’s a very good product.

Prentiss Johnson
Wasn't my favorite

I did not like the scent..for me. However, I love these butters!! First tried them at the Wnhs. I love the cherry truffle and the toasted meringue. Those will be a staple. Great job Camille!!

Sweet, Spice, and Oh So Nice!

The body butters are wonderful for addressing dry skin woes (I wish there was an option to get them in a larger size), but the seductive blend of sweetness and spice that is the Ginger Vanilla scent dominates the pack in my opinion. I am a fan of all things vanilla and this is no exception. The ginger scent is certainly present but doesn't completely override the vanilla.

P.S. Please update the ingredient list posted on the product page to reflect the ingredients on the package: Shea butter, coconut oil, ginger extract, jojoba oil, vitamins A,C,E, tea tree oil, fragrance, essential oil blends and LOVE!

Kimberly Tait
Pumpkin Spice!

That's what it smells like if you're familiar with an Autumn candle like fall I got this and just took a dab out I rubbed it in my arms and feet it's fluffy and creamy also thick but I felt it was oily which on dry skin I don't care for but after a bath of shower to rub into skin that was moist it would be perfect I saw a you tube review and she said she tried the Lrmon Meringue in her hair I will not be doing that. I have not used it yet but as soon as the mood is right (fall weather) I'll be using it.