Curl Love Moisture Milk
Curl Love Moisture Milk
Curl Love Moisture Milk
Curl Love Moisture Milk

Why you'll love it

Cater to Every Curl Type

Apply and Go

Nourish and Strengthen

This gentle formula is full of moisturizing ingredients that bring new life to curly hair and coils.

Use Curl Love Moisture Milk to easily infuse hydration after a wash and condition, or refresh dry styles with a convenient, quick dose of moisture.

Macadamia seed oil, rice milk, and elm bark extract combine their emollient, fortifying powers to create a truly nourishing Leave-In conditioner.

We have answers!


You want to understand everything about how your hair care products work, and we’re behind you one hundred percent. Learn more about Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk with these quick FAQs.

Is Curl Love Moisture Milk good for low-porosity hair?

We designed Curl Love Moisture Milk to deliver convenient, Leave-In moisture to a massivevariety of hair types—it’s highly likely to leave your locks refreshed, softened, and strengthened. However, if you find that your low-porosity hair needs a little something extra in the hydration department, we recommend adding our hair moisture butter or curl maker to the mix—they’re all intentionally formulated for a low-porosity hair type.

Are the ingredients in Curl Love Moisture Milk safe and gentle?

Absolutely! Using only consciously-chosen, gentle ingredients is part of our core ethos at Camille Rose—Curl Love Moisture Milk doesn’t contain anything that might harm your natural hair or your health.

Keep in mind, if you have allergies or sensitivities to common cosmetic ingredients, you should always patch-test anything you plan on putting on your scalp or natural hair. We also always list the full ingredients of our hair products, so you can double-check with a physician or allergist just to be safe.

Can I use Curl Love Moisture Milk with other Camille Rose hair products?

Yes! As a leave-in conditioner for curly hair, Curl Love works exceptionally well on its own, but it also makes a great addition to a full-blown hair care routine. Use it on wash day after your favorite cleanser, shampoo, and rinse-out deep hair conditioner, alongside styling butters and creams, or as an instant, moisturizing touch-up on practically any ‘do. Since we never use harmful or dangerous chemicals in our formulas, you can mix and match Camille Rose products without worry.